Dry Versus Steamed Carpet Cleaning

Having a carpet in your home can make or break the aesthetic in your room – the right carpet can tie the room together, and an odd carpet can make the room feel off, or skewed. However, choosing to own a carpet does require you to maintain the carpet and keep it clean and hygienic at all times. This means that you will have to get the carpet regularly cleaned. There are two broad methods to cleaning your carpet – dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

Dry cleaning your carpet does involve professional machinery that a licensed company would own. The professionals would spray your carpet with a chemical that helps loosen the dirt. Then, a machine is run over the carpet that spins the chemical into the carpet. This chemical encapsulates the dirt, allowing you to simply vacuum your carpet to keep it clean. This method is ideal for carpets where the dirt is mostly dry, making it easier to vacuum off. This kind of cleaning system is also known as “very low moisture” systems, and is useful because the carpet will dry very quickly, making this process faster and more efficient.


Steam cleaning, on the other hand, does not require such machinery. There are certain services that provide steam cleaning, and will come to your home when you require them to. The company will provide water, heated to over 200 degrees, to provide steam. A machine is then used – which looks like a slim vacuum – which shoots out steam and sucks up the dirty water from the carpet, allowing you to steam your carpet and clean it at the same time. DIY steam cleaning kits are commercially available, but it is recommended to call a professional – especially if you are inexperienced in carpet cleaning. One downfall is that the carpet will take some time to dry.

Most people tend to prefer steam cleaning, because it is cheaper and more easily available. Steam cleaning is possible even at home, making it a more available alternative. Furthermore, certain professional companies provide dry steam cleaning – a version of steam cleaning where a more powerful steam cleaning truck helps the carpet dry faster. With the dry steam cleaning method, most carpets are dry within the hour. However, with regular steam cleaning, most carpets will take a few hours to dry.

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