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Five Ways To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Keeping your carpets clean and bright is a must for any home. It also makes a big difference to your home as the whole place takes on a much more pleasing ambiance. Vacuuming and professional cleansing are essential for a clean carpet. One can control the damage by avoiding certain mistakes like rubbing stains and using carpet powders. Remember that various materials and sorts of stains demand different cleaning techniques, so make sure you are using the right kind of solution for your carpet.

Carpet Clean

Below are five ways to keep your carpet clean:

1) Clean the stains right away: The longer you ignore the spills and various stains and allow them to stay intact with your carpet, the harder it will be to get rid of them later, which will damage your carpet to a huge extent. Therefore to make your carpets last longer, be diligent about cleaning up any messes instantly. Also, make sure to use the right type of solution for your carpet as various elements and types of stains require different cleaning methods.

2) Consider blotting rather than rubbing stains: Blotting is often recommended as it enables a minimal amount of pressure on the stain to soak it up, and in comparison to that, rubbing allows the particles to make their place into carpet fibers which leads to the untimely breakdown of those fibers. Hence dab the stains with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth, also blot from outside of the stain inward because blotting outward can further spread the stain.

3) Get your carpets cleaned professionally: To preserve your carpet and keep it clean and germfree, one should make sure to get it cleaned professionally once a year because this would enable your carpet to last longer and remain fresh and bright. Even you can buy carpet cleaning machines if you prefer to do it yourself, but make sure to do it accurately as improper steam cleaning could attract more dirt and cause molds to grow. Therefore, it is advised only to use such machines when you have proper knowledge about working.

4) Vacuum at least twice a week: Vacuuming your carpet is significant, and doing it with the correct amount of frequency and in the right manner is also necessary. Always cover all the areas and different directions to get the most dirt and debris out. If you do not consider vacuuming, you might end up damaging your carpet and making a home for germs in it, which in turn will spread infections and diseases and hamper the ambiance of your house.

5) Take your shoes off: Last but not least, the most significant way to keep your carpet clean is always to take off your shoes while entering your home. This way, you will not bring any dirt from outside. You can also consider wearing socks and home slippers when inside the home to prevent any dirt from your feet and protect your carpet.

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