How To Choose The Right Studio For Dance Classes

Whether the dance classes are for you or for a child, you should carefully do your research before spending your hard earned money. While there may be several dance schools that are available near your house, before you choose to sign up at any one of these, you should first ask a representative from there the following questions-

Ask about policies for dance classes

Each dance school will have its own set of policies and guidelines. It is therefore very important for you to know exactly what these policies mean for you before you sign up. For example, what happens if the person enrolled in these classes misses a lesson? Will there be a makeup class or will the training for that week simply be foregone? Additionally, what is the payment structure of the classes and is a contract a part of the deal? In case the studio you are looking at asks you to sign a contract, do not fret too much about it. This is in fact an indication that the dance school is serious about teaching its students properly and allotting enough time to each student. Further, if you are looking to enrol your child, you should ask what the school’s parental expectations are. You may have questions regarding whether you will be able to sit in on classes or if you will be expected to make costumes and such.


Don’t forget to ask about fees for the final recital and whether these fees are exclusive or inclusive of costume, hair and makeup, photos, and a video. Depending on which studio you pick, you may incur quite an additional cost.

Ask about teacher credentials

An important thing you should inquire about is the credentials of the teachers who will be conducting the classes. This means they must well trained in dance as well as in imparting the education to others. You may want to look for instructors who have bachelor’s degrees in dancing or at least the fine arts. It would be an added bonus if they also have a certain amount of professional teaching experience.

Ask what ages teachers work with

Most studios around you will be open to taking in students of all ages. But, if you’re looking for something like a teacher for a two or three year old, you may have to look further to find the right fit. If you’re looking for a class for yourself, you’ll have to find a studio that has an adult class and not just classes for children.

Ask what types of lessons they teach

If you already have your heart set on learning a particular kind of class, it won’t be enough to enrol in a studio that specialises in every kind of dance but your own. Many studios offer a wide variety when it comes to the kind of dances taught, from ballet to jazz and hip hop and even tap. Knowing exactly what you want to learn will make it easier for you to decide on a dance studio

While the above mentioned criteria aren’t the only things you should be considering when you are looking to enrol in a dance class, they certainly are a good place to start. Understand what to expect from the teachers and what is expected of you or your child and this can go a long way in the future!

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