5 Different Tasks That A Tree Service Company Can Do For You

Tree service companies can offer you five different services. These are listed below along with what each of them are as well as what they entail.

  1. Tree Planting- while this seems like the most obvious and basic tree service, it is more complex than it sounds. This is especially the case if you need a large number of trees to be planted on a large scale. When new trees are planted, it is important that they are given a lot of attention so that they grow healthily. The way a tree is planted is often decisive in how it grows and a lot of care must be given to it. Instead of doing this on your own and incurring the workload, you could hire professionals instead.
  2. Tree irrigation- while this tree service is less work and less exertion that the previous one, it is extremely time consuming. If you do not water your trees sufficiently or in the right amounts, your plants could suffer and die an early death. If you find that you do not have enough time in your schedule for this work, it is best to hire professionals who can carry out this service for you.
  3. Tree Trimming- trees tend to grow in an unrestrained manner and over grow. This can cause a danger to people living around. To prevent this, trees need to be trimmed. Additionally, this needs to be done in a particular manner and carefully so that the trees don’t die afterwards. Aside from being done for safety purposes, they also need to be trimmed for their own health. When this is done for the latter reason, it is called tree pruning and needs to be done using specific skills and equipment.
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  10. Tree Pest and Disease Control- there are very few species of trees that are immune to infestation by pests and insects. There is also no species that is immune to every type of disease. In order for trees to remain healthy and last longer, it is important to take preventive measures to safeguard them against pests as well as diseases. Even the smallest infestation or infection can result in it spreading from one tree to the rest of the orchard and completely destroying them. The control of pests and diseases requires training, skills, and equipment that only professionals possess and you will not be able to handle on your own. This also requires a large amount of time.
  11. Tree Removal- lastly, this is a service that you will require of professional companies in the case that your trees die. In this situations, the dead trees are carefully cut and removed from the place that they are in. this process is extremely tiring and involves a lot of hard labour. Further, it must be carried out carefully in order to avoid accidents such as bodily harm or damage to property. For this reason, it is best to allow professionals to carry out the job as they will be well trained and proficient.
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