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Another ridiculously wide monitor emerges, this time it’s built for gaming

Is the generation of gaming on a exceptional-wide 49-inch monitor upon us? Not as some distance as we’re involved, however that hasn’t stopped businesses from freeing these expansive displays. Asus is contemporary to jump on board with its new ROG Swift XG49VQ, a 49-inch display with a “double Full HD” resolution (3840×1080).

This is the second 49-inch display assertion this month. Dell trotted out its similarly huge UltraSharp forty-nine a couple of weeks ago, although unlike Samsung’s CHG90 that came before it, Dell’s monitor wasn’t constructed for gaming. Instead, it made headlines for being the primary twin QHD monitor, which translates to a 5120×1440 resolution. Philips additionally formerly introduced a forty nine-inch display with a 5120×1440 decision, however, it’s still now not to be had.

The XG49VQ does not suit that better pixel is counted, but it does provide some bells and whistles for gamers. Namely, it has a quick 144Hz refresh price and is a FreeSync 2 HDR display, that means it helps each AMD’s sport-smoothing FreeSync generation and is able to display HDR visuals.

That latter bit comes with a caveat. HDR in all its glory surely necessitates an exceptional bright panel, normally 1,000 nits or higher. The widespread majority of HDR video display units that exist don’t come everywhere near as vivid, and the XG49VQ is not any exception—it meets VESA’s displayed four hundred certifications, which recommends that it assessments it at 400 nits. displayed 400 is VESA’s access-level HDR badge, the opposite two being displayed six hundred and displayed 1000.

While it doesn’t get as brilliant as monitors like Asus’s own ROG Swift PG27UQ, the employer claims a huge colour gamut—one hundred twenty-five per cent of the sRGB colouration area, to be precise.Image result for Another ridiculously wide monitor emerges, this time it’s built for gaming

Asus additionally touts something it calls “Shadow Boost,” which is supposed to make it less complicated to peer fighters in darker areas in first individual shooters. The company tells Neowin that Shadow Boost’s benefit “is not cheating, simply good design.”

There’s no word but on whilst the XG49V will be to be had or for the way a whole lot.

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