Which Type of Real Estate Agent Should You Hire to Represent You?

In today’s real estate market, it has become really easy to buy a great property at a fantastic price. There are numerous properties which are foreclosed and has been floating around in the market at rock bottom prices, since, the mortgage providers are only looking to get the revenue that is due to them. If you are planning on buying a property, you must know all the tools needed to buy a property in this market. Though, you can move on your own and give ads on online free classified sites, the intelligent way would be to take help from a real estate agent service. The process is complex, and a lot of money and effort is involved in it, and therefore, consulting experts would be the brainy approach.

Using the service of a real estate agent, will help you in getting the best package in the market. In this article, we will explain about three kinds of real estate agent, and you have to decide whom you want to hire, to represent you in the market.

In the modern day real estate market, there are mainly three types of agent, a buyer’s agent, a dual agent and a seller’s agent. Now, each of these professionals they represent a specific party in the buying-selling process of a real estate property.

A Seller’s Agent

A seller’s agent works for the selling party, and they are type of a negotiation dealer. At the first stage, the seller’s agent comes to an optimum price decided by the seller, and gives an ad, or comes to the buyer’s agent for negotiation. The seller’s agent for his services, gets a share of the selling price, and hence, it is within their best interest to get an optimum selling price, so that they can manage the most out of it.

The listing agent or the one who lists the price, is the seller’s agent because he is always interested in getting the most out of it.

Buyer’s Agent

The buyer’s agent is more of an advisory to the buyer. What the buyer’s agent does is renegotiates with the seller’s agent to come to a middle point. He also advises the buyer on which property should cost how much, and what should be the maximum threshold point the buyer should go to buy a specific house. For the services they offer, the buyer’s agent also gets commission from the selling price, as agreed upon by the buyer.


Dual Agent

A Dual agent particularly represents none of the client, neither the buyer not the seller. He is the middleman, or sometimes acclaimed to as the broker. He doesn’t advice any of the clients, and he is only there when the negotiation is taking place, and is there for closing the deal. He’ll take care of all the appointments for the property visits, and will also take care of all the legal humdrums that might arise during the process takes place.

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