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Ghaziabad Man Allegedly Gives Fake Currency To Property Seller, Arrested


A property dealer became arrested after taking place bundles of receipts as wads of notes really worth Rs. Sixty-five lakh to a vendor, the police stated on Sunday. A senior police officer stated assets dealer Naresh Kaushik changed into a dealer in a deal for the sale of shops at Rs. 1.23 crore, a part of which changed into receiving in cash. Mr. Kaushik showed the property proprietor Rs. 65 lakh in cash at his house, but after registration of the sale deeds for shops in Ghaziabad, the accused allegedly exceeded over to him bundles of bogus receipts wrapped in a pink cloth. The seller lodged a grievance with the police, which raided Kaushik’s residence and recovered coins well worth Rs. Sixty-four lakh from him, the police said.


The police also arrested Kaushik on expenses of dishonesty and forgery he brought. Mike’s disclaimer: This isn’t a post about how high-quality I am or how there is the most effective manner to build an internet advertising enterprise. It’s a mixture of testimonies and minds about what I even have long past via building Nifty Marketing. When I began in 2009, there have been very few facts online, approximately beginning, walking, or developing an Internet Marketing Agency. The ones that did exist have been from superstars that charged a thousand million dollars an hour. I am now not a superstar. My business enterprise started in Burley, Idaho. Here’s a rap about my metropolis I wrote. My desire with this post is that some of you who are out there hustling will advantage of doing some of the things that I did and a maximum of the matters that I didn’t.

Start clever

I was in my very last semester at BYU-Idaho. I had frequent activity to be the chief advertising officer of Rove Pest Control after spending my summers at some college point as a door-to-door salesman for them. I thought my future became set. Due to some modifications at Rove, I knew that I was going to have to find a distinctive career. My spouse become pregnant, we had started out building a house in Burley, and I had a complete credit load. My favorite lessons have been a simple HTML magnificence (that used Don’t Make Me Think because of the textbook) and an internet commercial enterprise-class for which we had to start an internet business and make/lose cash. Naturally, as any actual Idahoan would do, I started HugeIdahoPotato.Com and offered potatoes larger than heads to people throughout the united states. The website sucks; I’m quite positive I was given it penalized within a year of making it. But I fell in love with internet advertising in the technique of constructing that website, and I maintain it up as a remembrance of where I began.

Lesson 1: Start with a purpose. It’s greater than money.

After making around $a hundred on the website, I knew that I had discovered my career desire. I also knew that I would live in Burley, Idaho and that I desired to carry non-agricultural jobs to the metropolis. I can not tell you how unhappy it’s miles for lots of my friends who grew up in a metropolis they knew they could not circulate back to if they wanted to make a respectable residing. I desired to exchange that. I nevertheless do. It’s one of the essential driving points for me. Of route, you want to make money; however, if that is the only issue you’re looking for as a commercial enterprise proprietor, then sooner or later, you’ll fail. You will make decisions that are not for your customers, or on your staff, or for the network; you may get brief-term gains and create a long-term failure.

 Ghaziabad Man Allegedly

Lesson 2: Start by using interning/operating at a company

This is likely the biggest regret of my profession. I began Nifty Marketing with actually no enjoyment in any respect. I had no buddies inside the enterprise; I had no idea what I changed into doing, how search engine optimization companies were based, or even how to do anything past what I had discovered in college. I dove into blogs, but at that point, I did not understand who to consider and examine a few sincerely awful recommendations. I become now not an amazing search engine optimization. I was now not an excellent PPC advertiser. I ought to have saved myself as a minimum of two years if I had labored for someone who may want to have pointed me in the right course first.

Lesson 3: Focus on something precise

The business wasn’t going thoroughly. I had a few customers, and I determined I needed a few assists, so I signed up for SEOBook. There became a comments forum, so I published my exquisite-awful internet site for Nifty Marketing. I failed even to own the area at the time. (I had TheNiftyWay.Com, and it wasn’t until later—through some precise grace of the heavens—that the individual that owned NiftyMarketing.Com allow it to go, and I sold it for $7.Ninety-nine with a GoDaddy code.) When I published my web page on SEOBook, I was given brutal feedback. People instructed me it sucked. But someone inside the forum said something that changed my existence for all time.

He stated something like:

“You provide search engine marketing, Web Design, and PPC. That is precisely the same as a hundred,000s of corporations around the arena, who, through the looks of factors, are higher than you at it. What are you able to be exceptional at? What are you able to grow to be known for?” The comment hit me like a ton of bricks. The few customers I had on the time have been, without a doubt, small groups in Idaho, and I was spending lots of time in Google Maps. I found out that I loved that thing of advertising and changed into getting customers ranked. So, I redesigned my website, changed my messaging, and decided to focus. I have become a nearby SEO.

Lesson four: Start with networking, no longer bloodless calls

I consider quite vividly trying to use my door-to-door sales abilities to try and cold name agencies to get paintings. I grabbed a cellphone e-book and referred to as humans with large ads and no websites because I figured that they had financed. What I found turned into that I became caller #five for that week, providing the identical element as everybody else. Worst of all, everyone “knew a guy who knows a guy who ought to do it” for them. So, I placed away from the phonebook and started speaking to my pals and asking if they knew people who wanted websites and advertising. That’s whilst leads began coming in. Then, I wrote an electronic mail to David Mihm on August 7, 2009, and requested that I emerge as a professional in the neighborhood search field. This was his response: The nice recommendation I can provide you with is to optimize the local listings of a group of clients. The more you “play” in the space, the higher you may get at teasing out the parts of the set of rules that surely depend.

Ghaziabad Man AllegedlyI immediately dove into every sort of website and discovered everything I likely should about local seek. I took notes, after which I started out trying out and haven’t ever stopped. While doing that, I realized the maximum treasured networking lesson I ever found out changed to share definitely. I commenced running a blog, which brought about guest posts on SEJ, and I attended some small conferences, one among which become the first-ever local. I presented to help in any manner that I should.

Fast ahead to 2013, and I am a local Faculty Member and communicate at conferences yr-spherical. It is not due to the fact I am special. It’s because I am captivated with the gap, and I am inclined to share records and help as a good deal as I can. Almost every patron we’ve at Nifty Marketing comes as a referral from customers, pals, blog posts, webinars, and conferences. Not one consumer came from a cold call. I will, for all time, be in debt to David Mihm and the relaxation of the neighborhood search network for coaching me the sort of valuable lesson.

Lesson five: It’s exact to have funding, it is higher to have companions, and it is pleasant to bootstrap on my own From the primary yr of my enterprise till now, I even have had the possibility to get investment and tackle companions. I even have by no means carried out it. I am not announcing that it’s horrific to do both of these items, but if you take a close study of our enterprise, you may see that several funded companies and partnerships don’t make it.

I bear in mind very virtually going to dinner with some guys from Bluegrass in my first yr and thinking, “Man, I want I could be a part of that company.” And at the same time, as I recognize the founders a high-quality deal, they took a large danger, and it didn’t work out. Many of them had successful corporations earlier than then. While the concept of a Mega Company that may make tens or hundreds of hundreds of thousands is appealing, the danger of you being successful and earning greater on your own is higher. Sure, extremely rapid increase and funding way you come to market faster. But with the aid of developing at the gradual rate of 2x in line with the year (which is not that gradual), I had been capable of always innovate and provide higher offerings without taking do-or-die dangers.

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