How Abeiku Santana connived with Lilwin to arrest a blogger

The news of Kumawood actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin arresting a younger woman blogger named Ohemaa Candace who owns the portal Ghsplash.Com has been trending on social media after it was broadcasted on UTV and additionally posted on their FB take care of.

The video which become captioned “Blogger in police grips for publishing faux information about Kojo Nkansah Lilwin” indicated she changed into arrested because she published a tale Kojo Nkansah claimed to be faux—and with an assistance of the unscrupulous Abeiku had to use some policemen to coerce and humiliate the young lady who on the time, became most effective doing her activity.

What are the facts?
Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin the previous day turned into captured on camera explaining to the receptionists on the front desk of Peace Fm that—the day earlier than that— he was parking his car when he heard a guy screaming for assist claiming he has knocked him down.

Nkansah explaining himself was because of the reality that, the individual that claimed to have been knocked down had come to record to the receptionist.

Which Lilwin persevered to explain that, he didn’t knock him down together with his car however because he is a celebrity, that person is doing that to get some cash from him.

And the point in which Nkansah Lilwin become reacting to the ‘knock down’ may be considered inside the under (as captured via Ohemaa Candace, the same blogger).

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According to what GHPAGE.Com amassed from folks that had been round denoted;

Whether Lilwin certainly knocked a person down with his car or no longer. A guy made a report to the Peace Fm’s receptionist that Lilwin had knocked him down with his automobile whilst he changed into parking at their premises.
The next day(Which turned into yesterday) the receptionist asked Lilwin approximately that, which he explained his side of the tale.
A bit a part of the video above is whilst we noticed the superstar, exonerating himself.
After the blogger mentioned what she has gathered — which obviously — didn’t go down well with the megastar actor, had to do all things feasible to shame the young reporter—aided by Abeiku.
The blogger, Ohemaa Candace changed into able to be captured because she was interviewed on Neat Fm (Peace Fm’s sister station) that equal day and become at their premises at some point of the day.
With Kwadwo Nkansah, having an interview on one in every of their radio station that particular day.
Abeiku Santana’s hatred closer to the blogger
The Okay FM’s presenter has a special hatred for that identical blogger because of she as soon as reported a tale he didn’t like.

The ‘deluded’ and self-styled notorious social Media evangelist, Addai accused Abeiku Santana of killing his daughter and bodyguard for rituals.

The Evangelist persisted that Abeiku’s first marriage collapsed due to the fact the wife saw Abeiku sacrificing his daughter and bodyguard which she thought might be subsequent to die so needed to divorce him.

Now, those accusations were posted by using the said blogger on her blog.

The conniving
Taking a lot of these into consideration, Abeiku noticed it as a nice opportunity to take his vengeance—thus, use Litwin’s case, call the UTV cameras, call the police,handcuff her, put her on TV to humiliate her — just due to the fact ‘she once posted a horrific story approximately me I didn’t like’.

Meanwhile, Abeiku Santana is an expert in architecting fake memories to promote his ‘atuu’ show on UTV. You bear in mind his incident with actress Joselyn Dumas?

Abeiku Santana after an interview with Joselyn Dumas, distorted quantities of it to make it appear to be the actress once dated John Dumelo for two years.

The video insinuated that the 2 celebrities starred in 3 films returned-to-returned and ended up falling in love main to their 2-year courting.

However, the Ghanaian actress and on-air-character, Joselyn Dumas denied reviews and when UTV turned into compelled to release the uncooked footage — it found out that the primary video which cautioned their dating was doctored— an operation undoubtedly pioneered through Abeiku Santana to sell his show.

So for Abeiku to ridicule the blogger, calling his website fake and brandishing her in that way actually indicates he’s a humbug.

Also, Ghana is this sort of failed united states that, where on this world will you notice a journalist/blogger being handcuffed in this sort of manner because he/she has written a ‘faux/false’ story about someone— even supposing it is.

Defamation of man or woman is a civil case. If you are a celebrity or whoever and you consider a blogger has defamed you, sue the character and now not involve on this charade Abeiku and Lilwin engaged in.

And to peer the Ghana police assisting on this type of abatement is the saddest part of it all.

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