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Meet the Lifestyle Blogger Who Promotes Modest Fashion

WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE: It’s overdue at night time, you ought to be asleep—or working on any variety of projects, all unexpectedly drawing close to their deadlines—however, you’re not. Instead, you’re scrolling through Instagram, admiring one perfect #OOTD submit after another, and vowing to go shopping this weekend. That’s in large partway to lifestyle bloggers—you recognize those, with their artfully curated feeds complete of splendor and outfit inspiration. Fatima Aqil is one such Houston influencer. However, her story isn’t the same as maximum: Her Pakistani-Muslim history intended overcoming a few extreme stereotypes or even Islamophobia.

Lifestyle Blogger

Aqil was born in London and raised inside the U.S. She allows her father with the own family business, a jewelry shop, and he or she, in particular, loves the meals and style of her Pakistani culture. After graduating from UTSA, Aqil was given a human sources job within the medical subject. However, she persisted in focusing on her weblog, which she says started to flourish put up-grad surely. Now, she’s transitioned to full-time running a blog, devoting her operating hours to partnerships with brands that proportion her imagination and prescient and passion for fashion. Aqil makes use of her platform to promote modest fashion and reach a more various target market. Houstonia spoke together with her approximately her journey and what she loves right now.


What’s the first-class aspect of being an influencer? I love being capable of introducing new brands and things I discover to my target audience. When humans like it, it’s a nice feeling, knowing you’re representing manufacturers that, in reality, keep cost. Where do you locate the concept? I get my suggestion from my fellow fashion bloggers; thru Pinterest, Instagram, Fashion Week, and just everywhere!

What are your favorite brands? My favorite brands are the extra low-priced ones like Shein, Amazon Fashion, H&M, Nordstrom Rack, and of course, Zara. I love pieces that you could style a couple of different ways, and you may find those pieces in all of these emblem collections. What are a few favorite initiatives you’ve worked on? Reebok, YSL Beauty, and Shein: lower-priced, elegant and on-trend, and exquisite to paintings with! I’ve traveled to Chicago and clearly cherished meeting different bloggers and increasing my attain.

Lifestyle Blogger

What’s it like operating with other influencers? It usually looks like your assembly a long-time pal. We usually have so much in the commonplace, and it’s always such a first-rate time collectively. We learn so much about what we’ve experienced inside the industry, whether or not it’s agencies to paintings with or fashion hints. It’s just so a good deal amusing gaining a one-of-a-kind attitude. And, of direction, making a chum is in no way an awful factor.

What did you get down to reap together with your blog?  When I first started, I just did it for fun because I loved to percentage my fashion and love for all things fashion and beauty. But it’s grown into absolutely having the ability to steer humans nicely, upload fee to people’s lives, or help a person feel exact and percentage my expertise with the arena.

What are your top fashion and splendor hints?

Simplicity is fundamental, and minimalism is going an extended way. Establish your habitual and your favored products, stick with the ones, and do what fits you. Skincare is the foundation of your splendor routine, so spend money on skincare more than something else; however, have fun with anything you do.

I love attempting new matters and switching up methods I can wear objects. Never be scared to step from your comfort quarter, but continually live authentic to who you are, whether or not that’s along with your faith or with what you’re relaxed in—usually stay authentic and be who you are. The style is a manner of expressing yourself, so you sense confidence in what you put on.

Meet the Lifestyle Blogger Who Promotes Modest Fashion 2
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