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Pipe Material Options: Choosing the Right One

When you plan on adding plumbing to your building or facility, the first question that should pop up is what piping material to use. With the many different options, you need to be familiar with the market.   Here is a quick guide on what you can use in your project:



There should be a supplier who sells steel products in Utah and other states. The traditional choice right now is to use galvanized or stainless steel. With the zinc treatment, Galvanized pipes are the favorite for hard long-term use. This means they are perfect for underground water lines and drainage. They aren’t used for drinking water pipes because of leeching risk into the drinking supply.

Stainless steel is different from galvanized steel in that it is much more resistant to corrosion. This makes it ideal for coastal and outdoor use.


Another of the metallic pipe materials that are still in use is copper. They are a big favorite since they are very corrosion resistant. It is also very heat resistant, making it ideal for carrying hot water. It also doesn’t degrade as the water passes through it, making it a favorite for drinking water lines. The problem with this material is that it is costly. You can probably afford only a few copper pipes. Additionally, it would help if you soldered the copper together, requiring special features.


If you can’t afford copper, you might have to settle for brass. Similar to copper, the main attraction of this alloy is its high heat and corrosion resistance. It also helps that it is a pretty malleable metal, which means you can see it in various shapes and fittings. Besides that, it can be heavier than copper, suitable for some purposes. Try to get lead-free brass pipes if you plan to use them to supply drinking water lines.


Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is the main favorite for many homes right now. This plastic is very inexpensive and is easy to work with. You can find various PVC pipes of different sizes and shapes available. Thanks to its nature, there is no need for welding or metalwork, which also cuts down on its installation price. The great thing about it is that it can handle high water pressure better than metals, making it the best for plumbing that carries pressurized water.

There are two disadvantages, though. First, ultraviolet rays can cause the plastic to degrade quickly, so you’ll have to use it indoors or underground. Second, passing hot water through it can damage the pipes, so you can’t use it for that purpose.

Your building’s plumbing requires the best materials. Depending on the plumbing purpose, you choose what to use for your facility. In the past, all of your pipes would be made of just one type of material. But the flexibility in material options can allow you to have plumbing that is better than what you might expect. Keep in mind the results you want, and you can plan out the most effective plumbing system within your budget.

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