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Top free things to do in Beijing


Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China, a country known for its incredible economic growth. This metropolis in northern China has 14 districts and two counties. It is the cultural, political, transportation, and educational center of China. Beijing is a popular tourist destination and is visited by an estimated 4.4 million international tourists and 140 million Chinese annually. Although Beijing is full of massive palaces, stone walls, temples, universities, museums, and parks, visitors may find the language barrier a real problem. This is a brief overview of some of the top free things to do in Beijing.

Get the chance to visit the Forbidden City:

For many, the Chinese capital is the oldest city in the east, and this location could be the ideal starting point for any transfer tour to Beijing. Discover the mysterious face by starting the term of the castle museum yourself. The site covers two hundred and fifty acres and has approximately 9,000 rooms. This palace is indeed a large complex built between 1420 and 1406 AD. Despite being burned down, renovated, looted, and rebuilt countless times, you can still see 18th-century architecture. The organizers are sure to have a guide to accompany you, clearing up the stories behind the sites and telling the significant historical parts.

Whether you are a history buff, find the architecture unique, or enjoy the beauty of China, a visit to the Forbidden City is a must! This place was the palace of the Ming Dynasty emperors for over 500 years and now houses the Imperial Museum. The museum houses some beautiful antiques that are worth seeing. The city is located in the center of Beijing.

Summer Palace, Yihe Yuan:

This is also called the royal garden of China. The place is a park-like imperial retreat that extends over 13 square kilometers. It is a retreat for travelers and was also a retreat for emperors in the summer. Much of the place is covered by Kunming Hill and Longevity Hill. It is wholly reserved with concentrated buildings and richer landscapes. With artistic architecture and masterful design, this place has also earned “Imperial Garden Museum.”

It is the most extensive and best-preserved imperial garden in the world. The highlights of the Summer Palace include the Longevity Hill area, the Kunming Lake area, and the long corridor. These are just a few, and many other tourist attractions such as the Temple of Heaven, Beijing Hutongs, Beijing Siheyuan, Beijing Shichahai, etc. So if you are planning a tour of Beijing, be sure to visit these places.

Visit the Great Wall of China:

It is sporadic that you will see one of the most famous wonders in the world during your trip. Originally built to keep invading Mongolian forces at bay, the Great Wall represented China itself. It is one of the most fantastic tourist attractions globally and can be reached on a day trip from Beijing. If you take a tour organized by professional tour operators or hotels, you will learn about this immense beauty.

Terracotta warriors

Terracotta warriors are one of the fascinating places in China. The collection of almost 9,000 sculptures depicts the army of China’s first emperor. These statues were created to help the emperor in the afterlife and date from 210 BC. Visitors to the Xi’an area can learn about the beautiful sculptures and their unique Chinese history through films and visit the tombs for themselves. It is undoubtedly something that a visitor from China does not want to miss out on!

Visit the fragrant park of the hills.

It is an oasis of calm and tranquility located 27 km northwest of Beijing. It is part of the eastern portion of the Western Hills and consists of just over 395 acres of hills, forests, and mountains, the tallest of which is the Incense Burner Peak at 557 meters. This makes it perfect for travelers who need to escape the hectic activity and haze of the capital’s pollution – an unfortunate side effect of so many people living together in one place. Fragrant Hill is famous for its red leaves appearing in late fall and disappearing in early November. This exhibition of extraordinary natural beauty inspired the traditional Red Leaves Festival – a hectic time on the park calendar when visits are recommended during the week to avoid the hordes of people admiring this natural phenomenon.

Beijing Aquarium

It is China’s largest indoor aquarium and features more species of marine life than anywhere else in the country. It covers just over 12.5 acres and is in the shape of a blue-orange shell with habitats like Shark Hall, Rainforest Wonder (which recreate the Amazon jungle with over 100 unusual fish species), Seabed Travel, Whale and Dolphin Bay, Ocean theater, and pool feeling. The interior gives the feeling of being submerged and helps observe the animals as close as possible to their natural habitat. Elephant seals, glass catfish, colorful carp, and man-eating fish are just some of the rare species you will see on your ocean journey through this fantastic aquarium.

Visit the Ming Tombs.

To visit the famous Ming Tombs (13 ornate tombs of the Ming Emperors), you need to go to the outskirts of Beijing City. The trip also offers a chance to see the interior of Beijing. You can also visit the underground burial chamber. Another must-see is the Summer Palace, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. The 290-hectare park is the largest and most beautiful royal garden in the country. This “imperial garden museum” impresses with its magnificent architecture and excellent design and offers a lot to see, such as temples, ancient pavilions, palaces, a large lake, and bridges.

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