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35 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Australia

1. Because of its large size, Australia gives a huge variety of climatic zones – from the temperate climes of Southern Australia to the tropical humidity of far north Queensland and the dry wilderness heat of the interior. The summer months (December to February) are typically the maximum famous for journeying coastal regions along with Sydney and Melbourne, even as winter (June to August) is a good time to explore the Red Centre.Page Design WebTravel

2. Winters are commonly slight during the southern states, but temperatures may be especially nippy in Tasmania.

3. In Australia, the long summer, specifically the two weeks around Christmas Day, is the busiest time of the 12 months and you should book flights and accommodation well earlier if you want to be in Australia throughout this era.

4. Also endure in mind that motel lodging is a top class at some stage in most important carrying activities together with the Melbourne Cup (first Tuesday in November), the Australian Open (additionally in Melbourne, each January), Adelaide’s motor event in March and the Australian Grand Prix held in Melbourne during March.

Five. Unless you’re an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you’ll need a visa to enter Australia. You can observe for a number visas, together with traveler visas and run excursion visas, but you need to accomplish that before leaving domestic.

6. In Australia, tipping is now becoming a great deal more not unusual, particularly in restaurants and bars. Giving 10 in line with cent of the total invoice is normally taken into consideration appropriate

7. In Australia, using is on the left, so most UK traffic will experience properly at domestic.

8. Australia is a casual society – do not be amazed to be known as “mate” through entire strangers.

9. Dress codes are similarly cozy: when eating out, besides in smart restaurants, guys wear shorts and T-shirts.

10. Australians have a sturdy humorousness.

11. If you are elderly among 18 and 30 you may be eligible to apply for a Working Holiday Visa, permitting you to stay, paintings and tour anywhere in Australia for 12 months.

12. You can observe for holiday running permit if you join up with the following conditions

• Be elderly between 18 and 30 (inclusive) at time of making use of

• Not have formerly entered Australia on a Working Holiday Visa.

If you’re granted a Working Holiday Visa, you can:

• Enter Australia at any time within twelve months of the visa furnish date

• Stay for as much as 12 months in Australia

• Leave and re-enter Australia any number of times inside the 365 days from the date of first access

• Undertake temporary employment in Australia for up to 6 months with any company Australia

thirteen. With a second Working Holiday Visa, you could either enlarge your live in Australia or come again once more for every other yr before you turn 31. To get the second visa, you want to have finished a minimum of 3 months ‘exact work’, which includes fruit choosing, in an eligible local area.


14. Australia is an extremely various island, continent, and united States of America- each culturally and geographically speak.

15. Nearly all of Australia’s populace lives within 50 miles of the coastline.

16. As a former penal colony, us of a is now a combination of present day cosmopolitan tradition and historic Aboriginal traditions.

17. A go to Australia guarantees wonderful sightseeing, nightlife, and adventurous reviews to do not forget forever.

18. The first-class time for Australia journey is among mid-April to late August, whilst airfares are the lowest, even as the height journey season in maximum elements of Australia is in the course of their wintry weather, the most excellent time to tour to Australia is from April through September.

19. Daytime temperatures are warm, and it rarely rains. September and October are perfect, while the warmth is sufficient to defend you on the seaside inside the southern states and the wildflowers of Western Australia are in bloom.

Hostels start at 20 AUD in step with night time for a dorm room, although they get as excessive as 40 inside the large coastal towns. Private rooms with a double mattress and a shared rest room in hostels range among eighty-a hundred AUD according to night time.

20. For price range lodges, you’re looking to spend a minimum around seventy five-95 AUD for a double room, private rest room, TV, and breakfast. Larger, chain lodges cost toward two hundred AUD. Camping costs among 15-30 AUD consistent with night (less expensive in case you convey your own tent, greater luxurious in case you’re parking an RV).

21. Food isn’t reasonably-priced in Australia! A most first rate restaurant eateries fee as a minimum 20 AUD. The great cost food is the Asian and Indian restaurants wherein you could get an honestly filling meal for underneath $10 AUD!

22. Local town trains and buses price 3-4 AUD. The maximum popular and cheapest manner to travel is to force your self.

23. Flying may be very expensive because of limited competition, especially while going from coast to coast. I usually avoid flying in Australia unless I am pressed for time or there is a sale.

24. Multi-day activities and excursions are highly-priced, normally costing four hundred-540 AUD. Day trips will fee about one hundred thirty five-230 AUD. For instance, a one-day experience to the Great Barrier Reef can fee 230 AUD at the same time as a two-night cruising trip across the Whitsunday Islands can cost upwards of 540 AUD. A three-day ride to Uluru from Alice Springs is round 480 AUD. Walking excursions are around 50 AUD and day journeys to wine regions are among 150-two hundred AUD.

25. Suggested day by day finances – $60-eighty AUD / 43-fifty seven USD (Note: This is a suggested price range assuming you’re staying in a hostel, eating out a touch, cooking the maximum of your food, and the usage of nearby transportation. This also relies upon greatly on the number of excursions you do! Using the finances recommendations beneath, you can usually decrease this number. However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or consume out greater regularly, count on this to be higher!)

26. The stage of crime is not any higher than inside the UK. Be careful with personal possessions and tour files in towns and popular vacationer locations.

27. Avoid carrying everything in a single bag. Don’t leave bags unattended in vehicles, public locations or golf equipment. Theft from safety deposit bins is common within the cheaper motels and hostels. Be specially vigilant at night time inside the busy visitor areas of Sydney like Kings Cross, down city George Street, Hyde Park and Centennial Park.

28. There had been a few critical sexual assaults against British nationals in Australia. Take care within the town centre of Alice Springs at night. There were a number of incidents of harassment, robberies and assaults (including sexual attack) on foreign travelers.

29. Alcohol and tablets can cause you being less alert, much less on top of things and much less privy to your surroundings. If you’re going to drink, recognize your restrict. Drinks served in bars overseas are regularly more potent than those in the UK.

30. Beware of on line scams in which potential tenants are requested to switch a deposit to an overseas financial institution account in go back for keys to a rental property in Australia. British tourists have fallen victim to these scams.

31. You can reduce the threat of dropping your passport by using getting a evidence of age card. This is an conventional form of ID for many offerings like opening financial institution accounts or entering licensed premises. By getting a card soon once you arrive you may limit the need to carry your passport with you.

32. If your passport is misplaced or stolen you will be able to get an Emergency Travel Document from the closest British Consulate..

33. Australia is a huge United states of America. If you’re exploring countrywide parks it may take hours to get assist inside the occasion of an emergency.

34. The terrain and severe heat can have a excessive impact to your skills. Take lots of water and a method of rigging up shelter from the solar.

35. Australia is domestic to some of dangerous animal species, from crocodiles, jellyfish and sharks to venomous bugs, spiders and snakes are found in many parts of the country.

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