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Travel agency to offer eco peace tour package to DMZ

SEOUL, Oct. Eight (Yonhap) — A tour company that specializes in the tour to Korea’s heavily armed demilitarized region (DMZ) said Monday it’ll promote a new bundle to the area that highlights the surroundings and peace in preference to safety-focused sightseeing.

DMZ Tour Korea will offer a “Cheorwon DMZ peace and eco iciness travel” bundle from Oct. 27 to the give up of March subsequent yr that functions a visit to Cheorwon, a county that is located right subsequent to the inter-Korean border and operates a DMZ eco-peace park in coordination with the surroundings and protection ministries.

The application will encompass visits to the Yongyang reservoir at the park, positioned alongside the barbwire fence isolating South and North Korea, in addition to birdwatching for cormorants, a tour of a DMZ migrant birds town and a soldiers’ meal at a military base.

Tourists will even see the “ice cream hill,” a heavily bombarded strategic area of the 1950-53 Korean War named so because it looks as if melting ice cream.

“There are not that many non-public excursion businesses that provide DMZ sightseeing, and the maximum of the applications are about journeying mystery underground tunnels dug with the aid of North Korea and observatories,” Chang Seung-Jae, the top of DMZ Tour Korea, stated. “This is due to the fact the applications cognizance on security, the largest interest of site visitors, in place of peace and the environment.”Image result for Travel agency to offer eco peace tour package to DMZ

Through 3 summits between the present day leaders of South and North Korea due to the fact that April, the two facets agreed on a host of cooperation and peace-building measures that consists of turning the DMZ into a peace area.

Access to the vicinity, but, is heavy restrained for safety motives and opened usually to group excursions on a reservation basis.

“The personal zone is responsible for now not making efforts to trade DMZ safety excursions to peace excursions,” Chang said. “The government additionally needs to pursue peace, eco and culture components of tourism in order that the DMZ does no longer stay simply a place focused on safety.”

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