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5 tips for internet safety – it’s Stay Smart Online Week!

While the net is a high-quality, resourceful, and exceedingly practical resource, it’s also an unbelievably dangerous and horrifying network. Hence why we’ve got Stay Smart Online Week, the purpose of which is to promote proper internet safety and to hold you up to date with the cutting-edge in cyber safety protocols. Here at EFTM, we take this very severely – so we’ve determined to put down our pinnacle five suggestions to live safe online.


I recognize this seems like a cop-out, to begin with; however, please pay attention to me out for the affection of God. 12 months in the past, Trevor published this piece detailing no longer most effective the 25 most common passwords; however also how to create a robust one. For a brief recap; Come up with more than one random phrase, look around you now and call 3 gadgets.

  • Bottle
  • Torch
  • Speaker

Now those three phrases are exceptional because they’re first of all no longer used generally together. Now integrate them. Bottletorchspeaker. Next, capitalize a few random letters. BoTtletorChspeaKer. Then add a character and numbers. BoTtletor%Chspea23KerThat seems ridiculous. You’ll in no way recollect it. Actually, that’s not real. After just a few goes, you’ll discover that it is exceedingly smooth. And because of the complexity and the period, it’s an amazing strong password.

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Something that has to be understood approximately cybersecurity and hacking is that it’s miles nothing in any respect, just like the films. Unlike the scenes of Hugh Jackman typing furiously on keyboards inside the Swordfish film, hacking is significantly extra social engineering than its far technical prowess. Social engineering is defined as “the use of deception to control individuals into divulging personal or personal records that may be used for fraudulent purposes. “

One of the quality methods to discover a sketchy hyperlink is to test the preview – whilst hovering over a link, inside the backside left of your window, you’ll see the cope with that link refers to; Before you click a hyperlink, have an actual brief look down and make sure you’re about to be redirected to an internet site which you know and believe. Also, along the social engineering lines, text messages consisting of this one are getting increasingly more not unusual;

A text obtained using EFTM reader, Michael F.

That right there – that’s a scam. Your financial institution will NEVER text you a hyperlink for something like this. Recent records endorse as a great deal as ninety-seven % of all hacking is accomplished thru social engineering – which is to say, if you may successfully pick out a suspicious e-mail, website, or more especially a hyperlink, you’re most effective prone to the last three% of technical hacks. This leads me to my next tip…


There are two approaches to use anti-virus, proactively and reactively. A reactive approach to anti-virus, even as inexpensive, additionally leaves you liable to attack. It works in this kind of manner that you periodically test your laptop for viruses, generally with loose or reasonably-priced software.

A lively technique requires buying anti-virus software that continuously monitors and prevents attacks on your laptop. Solutions encompass Trend Micro, McAfee, and Norton. There are many, many greater. However, those are the primary three, which you’ll now not only listen loads approximately but can also be capable of getting a whole lot of aid records on.


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For the uninitiated, two-aspect authentication is a device that calls for a 2d code or validation to verify consumer login. It works very in addition to the vintage transportable code generators utilized in safety doors and safes. Day-to-day means that whilst you login into your bills on a new tool, a code is either despatched on your telephone or email to verify your identity. This method is a terrific security degree and one which couldn’t be noted – it forces your attacked to attempt to break into multiple devices/systems/accounts that are appreciably tougher to do than simply one.


Back onto social engineering for this one – I need to introduce you to phishing. Phishing is the social engineering technique that involves completely faking an internet site or form to make you trust it’s the original. For example, a phishing website of Facebook would possibly appearance a chunk like;

Credit: The Hacker News

Now, as you can see, the internet site itself looks exactly like Facebook. However, the URL isn’t even remotely close. Thankfully this sort of phishing assault is being phased out, but it’s nonetheless one to appear out for. Before getting into any banking/email/social media logins, be sure to test the address bar to make sure you’re at the proper website. You’ll also see an inexperienced padlock within the URL bar on trusted websites these days.

And that’s a wrap! In the name of Stay Smart Online Week and your personal net safety, please do not forget what you’re doing every and every day at the net. If you’ve got any safety associated questions or want to recognize if a sure electronic mail, textual content, or website is a scam, please sense free to electronic mail me: john@eftm.Com

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