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Home Property Tips on How to Make a Fully Furnished Apartment your Own

Tips on How to Make a Fully Furnished Apartment your Own

Staying away from home is an arduous job, but finding a home far away from your real place is something that can ease up your difficulties. A well-furnished apartment can give you that home like feeling. But there are a few issues which you might have to face while renting a furnished apartment, such as they might not be according to your style, or choice. Wandering into an apartment that’s already furnished can feel a bit like a home invasion. But the solution to this problem is manageable; you must redecorate your rented apartment according to your preferences. Here are a few tips to help you make a fully furnished apartment your own.

  • De-clutter

Once you have chosen the fully furnished apartment of your choice, pack away what is not needed, or the things which do not match your personality. Replace them with your personal items and with objects you like. A lot of apartments put cheap and hideous knick-knacks on tables and all around the room. You must get rid of those.

  • Brighten up

Plants and flowers can be added to brighten up your apartment. They can make any place look personal and refreshing. They freshen up the surrounding air and make it pure. If you are not a plant person you may opt to choose some low maintenance plants such as a jade, spider plant, or Christmas cactus.

  • Use photo frames and personalized stuff

The best way to personalize the furnished apartments is to add your personal possessions in it. Stuff such as your favorite books, stuffed toys, family antiques, attractive artwork, travel souvenirs or your trophies can be included in the apartment to give it desirable look. You must add photo frames in your apartment, or drawings and special pictures on the fridge door. All these will make a furnished apartment your own and make you feel less home-sick.

  • Add lights

Some extra light can make your room look beautiful and exceptional. Using light strings around the photo frames or dressing table give an edge to the looks of your apartment. You may also replace existing dark colored lampshades with some light ones (if present in the furnished apartment).

  • Mix up the arrangement

It is not necessary that the furniture has to stay where it was when you rented the apartment. You can move it around according to your taste and preference. Take pictures of the existing setting in order to put it back in its same position whenever required. You can make the arrangement more intimate, friendly and comfortable. You can replace the existing towels, pillows or linens with a few personal items that make you feel more at home.

  • Decorate the walls

If you cannot color the walls of your new furnished apartment, you must not feel sad and discouraged. Adding accents like posters, wall stickers, and fabric to your walls can add a personalized flair to it. It will help you in adding color to spaces where once none existed. This will make the furnished apartment your own.

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