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Things To Keep In Mind When You Opt For Valet Car Parking

When you go out to enjoy yourself at a restaurant or mall, there is one thought in your mind that whether your car is safe or not in the hands of the valet. However, valet parking is very convenient and safe as it finds you a spot near your location and saves your time which you otherwise have to spend looking for a parking space.

Valet Car Parking

Convenience is the top reason that most of the customers choose valet parking. Basically, valet parking is the service produced to eliminate the want for customers or guests to park their own vehicles. Whether that is at a hotel, restaurant, or airport, the same service rule is expected everywhere.

Below are some things to keep in mind when you opt for valet parking:

1) Secure the valuable things present in the car: It is recommended to carry all of your valuable stuff like laptop, purse, mobile phone, etc., which are present in the car along with you because the valet is not responsible for any of your things present inside your car.

In case you do not want to carry it along with yourself, you need to get them locked securely. You can use the trunk or glove box to place your belongings safely.

2) Do note down your odometer reading and check for car damages: It is essential to note down the odometer reading before you hand over the keys to valet parking. Obviously, you do not want anyone else to take your car and go for a ride, and this way, you will get to know if or not the valet driver went for a joyride.

Also, keep in mind the damages your car has already suffered. No doubt, valet parking executives do verify if any sort of damage is already present in your car. But, it is always better to keep a check yourself.

3) Record the valet parking time and inspect your car once you return: Always record your valet parking time. Elsewhen your return, you may find that they have closed down. Therefore, take this as a precaution and consider noting the valet parking time.

Once you come back from your meeting or function, always look around and inspect your car. Look for any damage or loss. If you find any difference in the odometer’s reading or any of your valuable stuff is missing, then immediately report it to the authorities.

4) Tip your valet person: You must tip your valet person as you are handing over him one of your most expensive possession and expect to be taken care of properly. Therefore out of courtesy, you should give him a considerable amount as a tip.

If you are a regular customer, giving some tip can make your life easy, and even if you avail of one-time service, then providing a small amount as a tip won’t make any difference to you.  A little time and effort are all that is needed for you to ensure that your car remains safe and sound.


Things To Keep In Mind When You Opt For Valet Car Parking 2
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