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How to Block Email All Together? Try Antistress Mod

Antistress Mod Apk is an android app that helps block e-mails, SMS, and MMS messages that are considered a nuisance by many people. It blocks all such messages and helps in managing your life more effectively. With this software’s help, you will block all messages and never miss a single mail that comes to your mobile phone. The application also helps in managing your workload as well. It blocks unwanted pop-ups that appear randomly on your screen while you are working or studying. Apart from that, it also provides several useful features to make your life simpler.


Antistress Mod Apk has two versions which are locking Plus for PC users and locking Pro for mobiles. The former version is available free of cost, while the latter is offered with some additional benefits. The free version does not block any important e-mail messages but only a few of them. The Pro version blocks all messages and is considered the most appropriate one for blocking emails. There is also a version of Antistress Mod Apk, installed within seconds without technical assistance. If you are familiar with installing applications, it will be easier for you to install them. You need to download it from the internet and check whether it works or not. To get the free version, you need to login into your Google account and use the search box. Once you click on ‘Get Antistress Mod Apk,’ you will be given a list of available free versions. Choose the desired one and click on the download now button.

After successful installation, you will automatically receive an Antistress Mod Apk message, which you can delete whenever you want to. It is instrumental when you receive numerous spam emails. It allows you to manage your emails in an organized manner. As you open each email in the inbox, you will be alerted by the message, allowing you to delete those messages that are not pertinent to your needs. It also blocks those messages from appearing in the inbox for a certain period of time. To use Antistress Mod’s feature, you first have to download the free version of the Google Play store application. Then, Log into your Google account and install the application. You can also set a password to use the application. As you use the application, you will get better and enhanced features. However, it is recommended that you use the mod-free version to avoid future troubles.

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