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New Toyota RAV4 brings hybrid power to family SUV

A hybrid all-wheel-power will headline the advent of the fifth-era Toyota RAV4 when it lands in Australia after March next year. The hybrid might be Toyota’s first petrol-electric SUV and might be sold in front and all-wheel-pressure guises, with the AWD version equipped with an additional electric motor at the rear axle able to send up to eighty consistent with the cent of torque to the rear wheels. It will even use a restrained slip diff to maximize grip on and off-the-road by shifting torque to the wheel with the most traction if it detects slip. Toyota says the hybrid’s electric-powered AWD is extra compact and fuel-green than the mechanical AWD underpinning the two. 5-liter petrol version if you want to depend on Toyota’s first utility of torque-vectoring in the area of the hybrid’s LSD. Toyota has, in the end, introduced a hybrid version to the RAV4 lineup. Toyota has sooner or later added a hybrid version to the RAV4 lineup. Source: Supplied.

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The petrol AWD will even have “multi-terrain” pressure modes, with the choice to select between “mud and sand” and “rock and dirt” when off-road. On the highway, it’s going to power best the front wheels to lower gas use.


Combined outputs from the hybrid’s 2.Five-litre engine and electric motor will be 155kW. Toyota hasn’t launched blended torque but says the petrol engine provides 221Nm. The employer is persisting with the cheaper, however less strength-dense nickel-steel hybrid battery p.C., to be hooked up beneath the rear seat to avoid dropping luggage area. Toyota still doesn’t use a lithium-ion battery. Toyota nonetheless doesn’t use a lithium-ion battery. Source: Supplied.

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The “fleet unique” the front-wheel-drive RAV4 will use a new direct-injection 2.Zero-litre petrol engine with 127kW/203Nm, matched to either a six-pace guide or continuously variable transmission. A retuned model of the hybrid’s 2.Five-litre engine may be completely paired with a mechanical AWD set-up capable of sending up to 50 percent of torque to the lower back tires and is rated at 152kW/243Nm. Toyota says that’s a power bump of 15 in line with cent over the present day 2. At the same time as torque, a five-liter engine is up with the aid of a more modest 4 in line with the cent. This model will use a brand new 8-speed automatic transmission. The new RAV4 is a cornerstone automobile for Toyota, with an extra than 300,000 income in Australia, headlined by 20,000 sales final yr. Toyota’s booming SUV marketplace method will smash that document in 2018, having already sold 18,500 vehicles up to now.


The modern RAV4 is one of the quality-promoting SUVs within the USA. The present-day RAV4 is one of the excellent selling SUVs within the united states of America. Source: Supplied

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The new edition rides on a wheelbase that’s 30mm longer than before, freeing more cabin area. The other key dimensions see the SUV grow through 5mm in period and 10mm in width, even though height is down by 10mm. Smartphone mirroring won’t be to be had on Australian RAV4s. Australia’s vice president of sales and advertising Sean Hanley says the brand new drivelines and AWD structures will supply superior performance, capability, and management. Three grilles are available at the US-spec automobiles, and Hanley won’t verify if we’ll get all three; however, News Corp expects the pick-out-up inspired double-slate grille to be equipped on the 2.5-liter AWD. “The RAV4 seems hard … and hard SUVs are the future; however, they’ll need to have refinement and interior luxurious,” Hanley says.

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