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Conveyor Belts, Types and Selection for the Right Application

The importance of the right kind of conveyer belt cannot be underplayed. A wrong conveyer belt can impact your productivity and profit. One crucial aspect to consider while selecting a conveyer belt is the kind of material it is made of. Different materials call for different applications that conveyor belts are used for and also for different maintenance levels.
Conveyor belts are handy for transporting products in warehouses. They are cost and time efficient and help reducing labor as well.
Conveyor belts can be used for moving objects of any size and weight. They can aid in different kinds of packaging, be it cardboard, plastic, wood, or metal containers- all kinds of packaging material can be supported by these belts. Conveyor belts come in different configurations- light-duty or heavy-duty, depending on your need.
The built-in support system helps to assist heavy objects without any damage to the objects or the belt; it also reduces the impact of heavy objects being dropped on the conveyor belts.

Conveyor Belts

One of the most common types of conveyor belts is the flat belts used in numerous industries. Again these come in different materials depending on the application and should be selected carefully. Abrasion-resistant surface, oil resistant, grease resistant, flame resistant, high temperature resistant, gripping in incline or decline application are some of the options one can choose from. Many belt coverings are also available- PVC, nitrile, thermoplastic, polyurethane, nylon, and polyester.


While selecting the type of conveyer belt and to ensure that it lasts long, some of the factors one should consider are – the size and type of packaging on the products, the weight and size of products, how they will be loaded on the conveyer, the impact on the belt while loading. It is best to consult experts while selecting a belt. Tell them the exact purpose you need the conveyer belt and ask as many questions as possible. Ask them what happens if the belting system becomes faulty, the belt fails, and the replacement costs before selecting a particular type.

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