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Osian to Hold Automobile Art Auction in Mumbai on October 26

Artworks of masters like M F Husain, S H Raza and F N Souza and memorabilia related to India’s finest antique and classic automobiles will pass below the hammer at auctions here later this week. Osian’s auctions – Indian Modern & Contemporary Fine Arts; and Automobilia: the Art of the Historical Vehicle – will take vicinity on October 26 at the Osian’s HQ at Nariman Bhavan in Nariman Point and will start at 7:00 pm.

The automobilia auction will see the sale of pick artwork of antique and classic vehicles and carriages; Hollywood and Indian cinema publicity fabric related to cars; posters, postcards and letters with a car connection.

“Osian’s is returned to full power, geared up to serve and help rebuild India’s cultural infrastructure and the various artwork and artefacts markets. With the release of our Historical Vehicles Auction House Division, we’re including a brand new dimension to our commercial enterprise,” says Osian’s Group chairman Neville Tuli. Why is it that some artists appear to make clean cash on eBay whilst others
battle to break even? Seller A and dealer B can be promoting the artwork of the equal calibre, yet dealer A turns an excellent income year in 12 months out and has Powerseller fame, while seller B struggles to even make a profit in any respect. Often it has a lot to do with the appearance in their auction listings.

I had been selling my original artwork on eBay for 5 years now and the boy became I green once I started out off. I failed to own a virtual digicam – I used an ordinary camera with the movie … That vintage stuff … I could take pix of my artwork, then tramp into town, wait 3 days for the movie to be developed, then scan the prints into my computer. The first-class of my pictures have been obviously quite negative in the one’s days.Image result for Osian to Hold Automobile Art Auction in Mumbai on October 26

I did not know something approximately HTML, templates, how and while to list to get the greatest benefit from my auctions. It’s a surprise I even were given off the floor! But get off the floor I did – even though dogged patience and a willingness to examine, I went from promoting paintings for more than one kilos/bucks to incomes a great complete time dwelling. These days I am a Powerseller and frequently get hundreds for my artwork.

So, here are my top guidelines to make your art auctions stand out and
promote you from element – time pin cash earner to pinnacle supplier;

1; Think about KISS… Keep It Simple Stupid! A listing that has plenty of different colourations, fonts, lively images, text in capitals can be very complicated for the reader. Don’t bombard human beings with too many records.

2; Be factual on your description. If your object has a fault – list it. This way a consumer is aware of exactly what he/she is getting and there may be no bad comments later. I even have bought artwork that had repairs wherein that they had had small rips in them. I changed into sincere inside the reality that the artwork wasn’t perfect, but my buyers have been flawlessly satisfied due to the fact they knew beforehand what they had been shopping for.

Three; Never be bad. Recently one artist who became struggling to sell whatever in any respect (despite being an excellent artist) complained about how eBay simply wasn’t working for him. After searching at his auctions I may want to see why! His listings had been fundamental, to say the least, but he ought to are becoming away with that. What becomes stopping any risk of him promoting had been the phrases at the quiet of his auction;

“The artist is unwilling to offer this object at a lower
starting fee as to accomplish that would be insulting.”

Potential consumers might observe this announcement and think “well I would not want to insult every person” or “nicely in case you experience insulted, why listing it?” and click away … To a person else’s artwork. Comments like this are far too bad.

Four; When promoting art, a photo paints 1000 phrases, as the saying is going. Try to make your pictures as high excellent as possible. Include facet views of your canvasses and in all likelihood a room view. Don’t clutter your listing with images of different artwork you have got for sale – it is simply difficult. If you’ve got an eBay to save, you’ll get automatic ‘move promotion’ for numerous other objects on the give up of your auction anyway.Image result for Osian to Hold Automobile Art Auction in Mumbai on October 26

Five; Don’t undersell yourself / under fee your work. Who takes five to 10 pounds/bucks as an opening bid charge critically? Only very well known, properly mounted artists with massive fan bases can break out with starting a list so low. Until you are established, don’t chance to promote your artwork for pennies. You’ll no
longer even cover your listing expenses, never thoughts make a profit.

6; Utilise key phrases effectively. I noticed a pencil drawing of a mum and infant Koala in a tree listed as “A mother’s Love Original Pencil Drawing” Unfortunately, it’s far most unlikely that everybody will search “a”, “moms”, or “love”. Well perhaps love… But not within the context of an authentic drawing of an animal. The seller changed into wasting a whole lot of key-word area there. Better could have been something like “Original Contemporary Drawing Sketch
Koala Bear Bears” Doesn’t imply plenty as a sentence in itself, however, it’s far filled with keywords, humans may use to find that form of the item.

7; Offer fantastic customer support. I even have constantly prided myself at the variety of nice feedbacks I actually have attained over the years. On various eBay IDs, I even have nicely over one thousand particular high-quality feedbacks. This is cash within the bank! A happy consumer will come lower back over and over, and it’s far a lot easier to promote to a current patron than to benefit a new one. Keep your shoppers happy and they will praise you with loyalty and repeat purchases.

8; Have an ‘ME’ web page. With artwork shopping for, human beings want to know who they’re buying from. They like to ‘get to understand’ the artist. If you can provide a small biography and artists declaration on your me page, your ability client can feel like they already realize you. I have a bio, a picture of myself with my artwork and a recent article that appeared in local arts and lifestyle mag. This permits buyers to look a pleasant face – yours – and to experience like
they realize a touch approximately you and ‘wherein you are at’ before they purchase.

I wish these suggestions help you together with your eBay art profession. There are masses more I ought to upload, however, eBay is a real mastering curve. Often success comes absolutely although revel in and attempting exclusive component till you find something that works for you. The above recommendations, but, gets you off to a very good start to becoming a successful eBay art dealer.


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