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An Introductory Guide to Managing WordPress with WP-CLI

This article provides an introductory guide to WP-CLI, a command-line tool that changed into created to make builders’ lives easier, letting them manipulate a WordPress website online through the command line rather than via the usual admin interface. WP-CLI was created through Daniel Bachhuber for over a decade in the past. Since then, it’s become a crucial device in each advanced WordPress developer’s arsenal — “deployed and relied upon by using almost every foremost person of WordPress,” in line with Matt Mullenweg. Since 2016, WP-CLI has been a respectable WordPress CLI device.

WP-CLI is used for putting in and putting in a WordPress website, changing its options, administering customers, and several other things. It may be leveraged to speed up builders’ workflows noticeably. WP-CLI comes as a phar report — quick for PHP Archive. It’s popular for packaging multiple PHP documents and other resources as an unmarried application — for simpler distribution and setup.


WP-CLI presumes, glaringly, that we’ve got get right of entry to the gadget shell. This could be quite straightforward on Linux and macOS structures, particularly on servers — as WordPress is served almost universally from Linux machines. If we’ve got dedicated server website hosting, or cloud website hosting like AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and so forth., or if we’re the usage of a VPS from Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, etc., SSH comes as a default get admission to the alternative. Still, nowadays, many shared hosts provide SSH access options. (Some would possibly even come with WP-CLI preinstalled.)

 Introductory Guide

For Windows users, WP-CLI can be hooked up via Composer. Still, we propose readers get themselves familiar with Windows Subsystem for Linux because it makes it viable to have a local Linux surrounding to be had, in conjunction with Bash, package manager like APT, and so on. WordPress is a PHP app, and PHP’s local surroundings are Linux. Further code samples presume we’re the usage of Linux or a Unix-kind machine.

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 Introductory Guide

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