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The Innumerable Benefits of Shani Pooja in Our Life

Lord Shani takes place to be the most revered of the planets in Vedic Mythology. It is with such strength that Lord Shanishwara is possessed that merely by using his point out; a sense of fear is induced in the minds!Unique Press

Lord Shanishwara is stated to be embodied with the planet Saturn.Shani Pooja

When Saturn is located well in one’s birth chart, one achieves the heights of achievement in existence.

But if Saturn is unwell located, it can lead to malefic consequences in one’s lifestyles.

In Vedic Astrology, Lord Shanishwara is cited with superb regard and worry as nicely! It is a deep Karmic connection that Lord Saturn is associated with.

When one is by using Lord Shani, it is not viable to escape the culmination of one’s Karmas. For one’s karmas of the past, one finds the final results.

The two stages very frequently associated with Lord Shani are the Shani Dhaiya and Shani Sadhesati.

Lord Shani stays in every of the zodiacs for a period of around and a half of years.

The Dhaiya of Shani is while Lord Saturn is in the 4th or 8th sign from one’s start sign as consistent with one’s delivery chart.

In the same way, the Sadhe Sati of Shani is the segment of seven and a half years wherein Saturn passes through the only’s moon sign, the sign prior to it and the signal simply next to it.

Now a Sadhe Sati of Shani is a lengthy phase wherein have an effect on of Lord Shani is stated to be very strong over an individual. In such a period it is tough to make development in any regions of life, and one is required to make do with the Karmic package that Lord Shanishwara supplies.


Origins of the word Shanidev lie in the Sanskrit word ‘Shainah’ this means that slow. Lord Shani may pose barriers or cause delays whilst a person is below his have an impact on, however, he is said to be the pleasant trainer.

Post suffering posed by Lord Shanidev, someone emerges out to be more potent, and possessed with know-how.

As a matter of fact, every of the planets transfers our Karmas to ourselves in numerous methods, but it’s far Lord Shanishwara who’s an enforcer. He enforces our karmas on to us such that there may be no escape.

While Lord Saturn signifies honor and integrity, he additionally stands for area, responsibility and barriers. The planetary rings that we see across the planet Saturn symbolize these boundaries.

Let us now run through some of the very fundamental information about Lord Shani from an astrological point of view.

1. Lord Shani takes place to be feared planet in Vedic Astrology, even whilst he is taken in a super regard.

2. Some astrologers even have the standpoint that not one of the planets yield positive final results if Lord Shani acts as the obstructer.

And there’s an entire lot of folklore associated with Lord Shani! Let’s run via a number of them.

– Lord Shani is the son of Suryadev, who is the Sun, and his spouse Chhaya. He is therefore also referred to as Chhayaputra.

– Some of the alternative names Lord Shanishwara is known by are Saura, because of this the son of Lord Sun. He is likewise called Kruralochana, which means the cruel eyed. Sometimes, Lord Shani is known as Mandu, which means that dull and sluggish. He is likewise referred to as Saptarchi, or the seven eyed, and once in a while as Asita or dark.

– The famous mythological story is going that after Lord Shani opened his eyes for the first time after being born, Suryadev or the Sun become eclipsed. This virtually goes to expose the impact of Shanidev on one’s horoscope!

– As in line with the glorious mythological legends of India, lord Shani is usually proven using a chariot. He consists of a bow and arrow whilst the chariot is pulled with the aid of a crow or a vulture.

– He is represented in blue clothing and a sapphire. Life

– At times, Lord Shani may be represented in black clothing even as holding a sword, arrow and daggers, whilst hooked up on a crow.

– He is proven with a limp which he persisted when he fought as a baby with Yama.

3. Saturn isn’t the same as Jupiter due to the fact at the same time as the planet Jupiter bestows upon one a whole lot of optimism for future. But Shanidev or Saturn is a planet which wants one to stay inside the present, such that we do now not spend too much time thinking about the past or fantasizing approximately the destiny.

Four. Some astrologers even classify Lord Shani as a terrible planet. But this may no longer necessarily be true. Shanidev ought to alternatively be considered to be a disciplinarian.

Saturn is a gradual planet which allows achievement simplest via one’s discipline and battle. So it’s far actually the position of a instructor that Lord Saturn performs in our lives.

5. It is battle that Lord Saturn symbolizes and when underneath his affect, one is in all likelihood to face a number of the toughest challenges in lifestyles. How one meets up to those challenges simply depends on one’s inner strength.

After one is thru with the segment which includes a deep have an impact on of Lord Shani on one’s horoscope, one emerges out to be not simply more potent, however also insightful and non secular.

There is a famous folklore about Lord Shani and Shivji. Once, Lord Shani advised Shivji that I need to return and stay with you. Lord Shiva jumped into the Ganges River and stayed there for seven and a half years. Post the period, Lord Shiva requested Shanidev, ‘What ought to you do to me?’ Shanidev answered that you rule the 3 worlds, but for the Shani Sadhe Saati, you have been required to take Samadhi in Ganga river for 7 ½ years. So isn’t it enough?


O If the work which you adopt has come upon many hurdles, and simply appears infinite.

O You installed all of your efforts, however achievement nevertheless is hard to find.

O Is it a promotion which has been pending for long?

O Have you lately been lacking out on a possibility to travel abroad?

O Have you come back to recognize that your juniors are being preferred for promotions?

O Is it lack of employment which has been fascinating you?

O You may have giving it your satisfactory shot, however existence simply would not appear to be going right?

O Things changing for worse in lifestyles?

O Is it the work associated pressure which has been a cause of trouble?

O Making or saving cash has been difficult nowadays?

In difficult instances which include those, the grace of Lord Shani can safeguard you. As you advantage his benevolence and advantages, ill consequences of Shani dasha reduces on your family and your self-alike. Positivity is prompted in lifestyles.

Lord Shanishwara is possessed with amazing electricity, and he can provide luxuries in existence, much like he can decline luxuries at will.

Let us now remember a number of the prime poojas, homams and spiritual merchandise for someone who certainly intends to soothe Lord Shani and find his advantages.

1. Choose to move for the Navgraha Homam, the pooja which acts a double edged weapon. With the Navgraha Homam, the effect of malefic planets calms all the way down to a great volume. In the same coin, with the aid of engaging in the Navgraha Homam, you could appease the useful planets, that allows you to make sure that they shine brighter.

Even whilst you are able power away the negativity; there may be an aura of wonderful strength around you.

2. Choose to decorate the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha to appease Lord Shani.

The Rudraksha with seven aspects is a representation of Sapta Matrikas, who are the seven mothers. These are Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumaari, Vaishnavee, Vaaraahee, Indraanee and Chamunda.

As one embellishes the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha, one unearths top fitness, wealth and additionally protection while Shani Sadhe Sati and Shani Dhaiyya lasts.

The Brahma Puran says that the seven mukhi Rudraksha is likewise associated with Ananta, who is the dimensionless and superb Lord Brahma.

The Seven Mukhi Rudraksha would paintings correctly for you when you have been via:

o Shani Sadhe Sati

o Shani Dhaiya

o Poti

o Ardha Asthma

o Asthma

o If you’ve got been afflicted with the aid of need cha Shani or Saturn within the Mesha (Aries) house, then additionally the seven Mukhi Rudraksha could be hugely useful for you.

The seven Mukhi Rudraksha is beneficial for purchasing over problems such as muscular frame ache, foot related sicknesses and even lengthy standing problems.

With the Seven Mukhi Rudraksha, you’d discover success, happiness, peace, prosperity and wealth in your life. The poor energy emits from the environment and relationships emerge as harmonious.

Let us now run thru a number of the remedies which might reduce the malefic results of Lord Shani:

o Fast for fifty one Saturdays. Consume khichadi made from rice and black urad dal submit sundown.

O Worship Lord Hanuman on Saturday evenings, by using chanting mantras of the idol. Light up a ghee lamp before the idol.

O Donate sesame seeds on Saturday.

O Pray to Lord Shiva.

O The mantra soothing the impact of Lord Shani is ‘Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanayishraya Namah’. Ideally, one troubled via Lord Shani need to chant the mantra 108 instances each day.

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