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8 Ways to Effectively Communicate and Open Up    

Why we need to communicate?

We all need to communicate at every step in our life to express our views, affection, appreciate or even reprimand someone. We communicate to express our emotional feelings, anger and to give clarification or make our stance clear.

Types of communication we need to open up

Depending on our sphere of activity or need, we all communicate through different modes and means to open up discussions or communication. By and large, communication can be verbal, non-verbal, written or visual communication.

However, most of the communication is done through verbal, non- verbal and written modes of communication.

  • Verbal communication – usually done face-to-face by engaging one or more individuals. An effective verbal communication needs use of appropriate words, proper creation of an overarching message that is delivered in audible pitch and tone to be received and understood by others.

Verbal communication is the key requirement of a good leader and can be a good tool to open up, encourage and involve others into discussions.

  • Non-verbal communication – does not require words for expressing anything. Your facial expressions, gestures, posture and eye contact besides hand movements and often touch are enough to communicate your feelings.
  • Written Communication – is perhaps one of the major ways of communication. It helps disseminate information in a clear, precise and concise manner to convey your message across people.

Written communication is often used as an official document and proof of contract and agreement besides discussions, instructions given or information sent etc.

It is usually done through blogs, letters, memos and emails as well as social media like WhatsApp and Facebook or Twitter etc. In order to avoid complications arising due to written communications like blogs, many blog writers often use anonymous blog post.

There are many free anonymous blog sites where you can post your communication without exposing your identity as they provide anonymity for participants of that blog.

If you are writing on anonymous blog to communicate you may make your own anonymous blog and express your view point safely. For effective communication, it is imperative to use appropriate words in required tone that may be soft when you are praising someone or showing sympathy and may be harsh while reprimanding someone.

Improper use of words or poor draft can lead to complication that may be legal or otherwise.

Visual Communication – is best used to make others understand with the help of picture, videos, movie etc. and is capable of leaving a lasting effect on mind.

Television as a mode of visual communication is often used for advertising products which remain in memory for longer time.

Listening – many communication experts consider listening also as type of communication as unless you actively listen, you will not be able engage the other person to open up a dialogue.

How to effectively communicate to open up?

Often we listen and even use the word ‘Open Up’ that could mean opening up your mind, your heart and to emotionally involve the other person. This term ‘Open Up’ is invariably used in families and relationships to express our inner feelings.

Communication to open up is just like sending an invitation to other person to engage them in communication.

Effective communication to open up requires various things that might be different while communicating with your employees at your work place than dealing in communication in family or relationships.

However, you need to keep 8 most important ways to communicate to open up at your work place which include:

  1. Initiate your communication on positive notes to make your audience feel comfortable and relaxed. Doing so your audience will feel de-stressed and encouraged enough to open up and participate in fruitful discussions.
  2. Use properly framed sentences, references and questions can help you to generate a positive response from the audience.
  3. For an effective verbal or even written communication, it is far more important to encourage participation. For better and purposeful communication, have a dialogue instead of a monologue.

  1. Use of appreciative words for the good work done fetches positive response from the audience
  2. Asking for feedback through written communication or during professional meetings or asking relevant questions during communication make people feel valuable and encourage them to open up.
  3. Your sense of humor while communicating, especially during unfriendly and intense atmosphere, can certainly make environment in meeting light.

This will help dousing stress or tension and your communication will be well received and efficiently open up audience to pour in their views without fear or inhibition.

  1. In order to evoke response or to open up communication, you may make best use of modern day’s technology. You may use Phones, Newsletters, Skype, Google Hangouts or Social media besides other messaging applications like Slack or Snail mail that can decrease the need for lengthy and time consuming meetings.
  2. Texts and Emails– sending text messages and emails will serve your purpose of fast communication without much wasting of time as these are delivered through phones or computers. These can be the best ways to stay connected to your clients, employees or relatives.

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