Sex work as work and art featured in French festival

PARIS, France – Documentaries, photos and a “full carrier” overall performance tent had been on display on the weekend at France’s first festival for sex employees aiming to sell their rights and criticize a prostitution regulation.

The Paris “Snap!” pageant’s militant technique sought to growth political visibility for prostitutes with exhibitions and performances with titles together with “Whores and Feminists” and “Sex Work Is Work”.


“We are seeking to create our own discourse as artists and intercourse employees,” said Marianne Chargois, whose documentary “Empower” tackles the precarious lives and discrimination faced through three prostitutes.

“Self-proclaimed professionals constantly make laws on our behalf and want to ‘store us’ from our sports as sex workers.”

A French law in April 2016 added harsher consequences for customers of prostitutes of up to 1,500 euros ($1,700) and more than double that amount in the case of repeat offenders.

“This law has diminished the income of sex people and accelerated the violence in opposition to them,” said Thierry Schaffauser, a spokesperson for Strass, the intercourse workers union and one of the organizers of the competition in Point Ephemere, north Paris.

Violence towards sex people made headlines in France in August whilst transgender intercourse worker Vanesa Campos changed into killed in Paris’s Bois de Boulogne.

Schaffauser stated the regulation had forced intercourse employees to meet clients in more remote locations away from police wherein they are extra exposed to assaults.

“As long as there may be no decriminalization of intercourse work, nothing will exchange,” said Maia Izzo-Foulquier, curator of the picture exhibition on the competition.

Strass and different institutions and sex workers have filed an attraction wondering the regulation’s constitutionality. The request may be examined on Monday.

But past legal questions, the festival also reflected on the character of sex as paintings.


Swiss performer Daniel Hellmann set up his tent on the festival front with a sign promising “complete provider”.

“It can range from fellatio to writing a poem or some religious advice. We agree earlier at the fee and the delivery of service,” he said.

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“The concept is to question our dating to work, and I do not speak approximately most effective sex work.”

“Talking approximately sex paintings makes us extra visible said Mia, a sex employee from western France. “This competition indicates we are not just sex machines.” /bb

Pagans are what without a doubt? Do they go out today? What can we understand approximately them, and their sexual practices?

What we do recognize is that pagan sexual practices live on and the positions they used and use, are encouraged through many intercourse specialists nowadays, as a number of the best positions for pleasuring both partners

These positions are high-quality for ladies as they goal the all essential G-Spot. Let’s examine them.

The Christian church understood pagans as individuals who worship many gods and did now not receive one of the traditional saviours (Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, and so on) or have been from the classical Jewish religion. They have become called idol-worshipers.

To prevent their practices, the early Christian missionaries could construct their church buildings at the sites of pagan shrines and partner Christian holidays with pagan rituals. A precise instance became the linking Christmas with the pagan birthday celebration of the wintry weather solstice.

Today, pagans are normally related to new age polytheistic or nature religions.

Why had been their sexual practices so critical? What had been they?

The sexual practices of pagans had been founded on the strength of introduction and nature’s role in it.

The pagan might gain electricity and be in concord with nature if their sexual practice were also in keeping with the seasons, the motion of the heavens, and so forth.

What we recognize about their sexual practices is from the prohibitions of the Christian Church, and its insistence on their popular missionary role for sexual union.

Most of the sexual positions have been standing or sitting, and no beds of female on the bottom were used. What they banded, and should have been the maximum famous sexual positions have been:Image result for Sex work as work and art featured in French festival

o Deer and Stag

o Bunny and Hare

o Leaping Lizards

o Standing Spoons

The Deer and Stag

This turned into a standing position where the girl would bend at her waist at a 45-degree perspective, hold directly to a tree, and the person would make a rear entry, keeping her hips and forcing her to counter thrust, even as he thrust in an aggressive way. This function would permit for exact penetration, with honest g-spot stimulation.

The Bunny and Hare

This became the way the pagan noticed rabbits copulating and took a lead from it.

The girl could be on all fours at the floor and take a type of crouching role.

The guy would unfold her legs barely and while on his knees, he would penetrate her, and thrust in a totally competitive way, with the concept to complete and ejaculate as fast as viable.

Leaping Lizards

Perhaps the foundation of the exclamation, leaping lizards is a standing function, with the person and female head to head.

The lady raises one leg, and wraps it around the person’s waist, at the same time as being supported against a tree or rock.

The guy would input her, and the woman might embrace him…But their co-coordinated movement gave the picture of lizards jumping. This function is splendid for clitoral stimulation.

Standing Spoons

In this position, the lady turns her returned to the person, even as status and helping herself against a tree.

The guy spreads the woman’s legs barely and enters her from the rear. There isn’t any thrusting, as the man presses himself as intently as he can to her, and embraces the girl by cupping her breasts. The female may additionally use one hand to press the person’s buttocks. With full penetration, this role offers fantastic g-spot stimulation.

Pagan sexual practices and positions aren’t as mystical as many people believe and the positions above are advocated with the aid of many sex professionals nowadays as remarkable positions for pleasuring each partner.





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