How to decorate big wedding venues

When the wedding bells start ringing, the biggest overwhelming topic is to choose the wedding venue. There is always a yearning to throw a wedding party so grand that no one will ever forget. The wedding venues play a key role in the entire event of wedding. Choosing big wedding venues can be a challenge as to maintain its décor and appearances. Big wedding venues are chosen so as to accommodate more guests ranging from families, friends, relatives and acquaintances. There are some tips required to keep in mind whenever you throwing a grand wedding bash. There might be restrictions on budget sometimes or of the wedding venue, so you have to do some decorations by your side. Many wedding planners too ask the recommendation of the family members who are hosting the party. You can customize the decorations as per your interests and likings. Following are few ways in which you can do beautiful and impactful decoration of your wedding venue:

  1. Decorating the welcoming door:

First impressions are always the last impressions. The welcoming door of the party hall should be decorated by using floral wreath arrangements and balloons, matching the theme of your event. The decorations and lighting should sync with the theme that you choose. You can use assortment of tall lilac flowers on the tables too. The entrance of the hall can be welcomed with a tree decorated with lanterns and lights.

  1. Draping the ceilings:

Ceilings also leave an important impression to the guests during the wedding carnival. You can create a magical aura by using a fabric to drape the ceilings. White fabric gives an elegant and formal look. You can even use bright colors like yellow, matching your complete decoration in the hall with this lively color. Moreover, you can also use the idea of hanging flowers from the ceilings. You can hang them in the dinner area specially, while they lush over the tables of the guests.

  1. Bridal Stage:

Bridal Stage is the eye catcher of every wedding function. It should stand out most of all the places in the hall. You can decorate the bridegroom’s sofa with an assortment of carnations and fancy cushions. The bride and the groom should be clearly visible from the stage to the guests. Ensuring that, the lighting shouldn’t be dull over there.

  1. Seating arrangement:

There are multiple types of seating arrangements that one can do. The most common one is the round table one arrangement. With this set up, the guests can easily move between the tables. You can also mix both round and square tables. You can make the chairs fascinating by draping them in silk or fabric, or adding flowers and leafy accent to them. The tables can be made attractive by adding a center piece. There are many elegant center pieces available which aren’t too large to take all the table space.

  1. Lighting:

A perfect lightning in the venue hall is like an icing on the cake. They enhance and titivate the aura and wedding vibes. Lighting works better when it matches the theme of the function. The addition of chandelier lights also sets up the complete wedding mood. You can enhance the aura by using colorful lights bouncing on the walls. Moreover, you can add table lamps on the side tables in the hall.

So, whatever you are planning of, be it a grand destination wedding or stately castle-like weddings, with these few ideas you can decorate the venue in the prettiest way.


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