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Samsung confirms it will announce Android Pie Beta program as soon as this week

Samsung teased its foldable telephone in advance today with the aid of switching its profile photo on Facebook to a Samsung brand in a folded shape. We believe this might be in anticipation of a coming near declaration, believed to take region for the duration of Samsung’s 2018 Developer’s Conference scheduled to take location on November 7-eight. On the same observe Samsung’s legit Developer’s Conference app famous notes about a “New Galaxy UX” coming with Samsung’s Android 9.Zero Pie Beta Program. This comes simply over per week after new screenshots of the allegedly leaked build of Android Pie running on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Source: Sam Mobile

Samsung has held Beta Programs on different Samsung devices in the past but normally saved it closed to a constrained number of individuals. So in case, you’re seeking to be part of the Beta, ensure you test the information for the duration of Samsung’s Developer Conference. Normally, Samsung holds Beta Programs in South Korea, the USA, and the UK. Of course, guidelines and eligibility for taking part will range by using location.

Alleged modifications to the Samsung UX consist of a new normal look in the Settings and menus, a modern-day dark mode, and up-to-date interfaces for first birthday party apps like dialer, messages, clock, and calendar, in addition to new complete-screen gesture navigation support.

The Good News

 Samsung confirms

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