Power Strip Guide – How to Buy and Mount a Floor Power Strip

To a greater extent fires and other accidents instigated by the indecorous use of electrical devices are being reported around the country. A lot of these unfortunate incidents could have been prevented if only the people involved were more cautious in their use of electrical appliances and devices. One alert citizen is capable of preventing a whole fiasco.

Out of the most general sources of electricity-related fire incidents is the floor power strip. Power strips are devices that permit you to wad more than one appliance into a single electrical socket at once. The power strip has a number of sockets in one board and is generally used in rooms and places where there are many electric appliances that are made-up to run at the same time. Suitable as the power strip may be, it does portray some hazards if made of below average materials or when weighed down. So it is imperative to buy a quality product and use it with care.

Choosing a good quality floor power strip

Contemplate where you would be using the power strip and the type of devices you are probable to plug into it. This would assist you in deciding on the sort of power strip you want to buy contingent on voltage capacity and number of receptacles. Buying a power strip with the right voltage capacity would reduce the odds of the device being overloaded.

The distance amid receptacles is another significant deliberation to keep in mind. It is therefore sensible to purchase a power strip with sockets that are placed a good distance from one another. Similarly, it is also crucial to check the electrical cable that comes with the device. Make certain that the cable is not worn off or otherwise damaged.


Mounting tips

As oblique by the name, a floor power strip is destined to be mounted on the floor. Though, straight contact with carpeted and wooden floors may cause the device to overheat and short circuit at some point – leading to fire or damaging the attached appliances. To evade this, electricians endorse that the device be raised a few inches from the floor on a stable stand

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