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Marcelo Brozovic is winning the internet with his latest ‘Coccodrillo’ post

Footballers becoming a web sensation in a single day for his or her thrilling freestyle abilities is no longer a brand new element for the enthusiasts, to say the least. The devoted have now visible it all. But there’s constantly something new in the shop, and Inter Milan midfielder Marcelo Brozovic has earned this accolade for an entire new trickery.

Following his heroics towards Barcelona and Lazio, Brozovic has been strolling his hashtags – #epicbrozo and #coccodrillo – on his social media and won the internet together with his today’s put up. On the occasion of Halloween, even as some determined to go all eerie, this 25-year-old decided to dress up like a crocodile. Take a glance: Fans had been left rattled, as one wrote, “Always stay that way.” While the alternative stated, “fantastico Brozo.”

That’s extremely good, Marcelo!

Remember Barcelona vs. Inter? Luis Suarez began taking an unfastened kick from the proper outdoor area. The Uruguayan had the concept he could idiot the jumping Inter wall utilizing slotting a low drill, but little did he know a positive Marcelo Brozovic was thinking the manner in advance. As Suarez made contact and the players jumped, the Croatian midfielder slid onto the floor and blocked Suarez’s attempt inside the system.


@UEFAcom_fr #LdC Quand Marcelo Brozović invented one nouvelle stratégie pour bloquer un coup-franc de Suárez 😅😱

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And in case you suppose this becomes sufficient, the 25-year-old repeated the feat a week later while Inter visited Lazio. Brozovic scored a goal as Inter ran rebellion at Stadio Olimpico, however his spotlight from the night become something extraordinarily exceptional. Lazio had won a freekick from the equal role as Suarez and midfielder Danilo Cataldi became lining up for it. And as soon as he kicked, Brozovic once more threw himself on the floor. Brozovic’s attempt was deemed unnecessary at the time as Cataldi changed into negative.

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 Marcelo Brozovic

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 Marcelo Brozovic

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