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The Android vs. iOS argument is now historical. However, it’s also forever intriguing. The ultra-modern smartphone running system statistics from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, info the consumer base shared using Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, and other systems in 12 countries. The information has been recorded for the final three months finishing September 2018.

The document suggests a mixed picture for Android, which, while losing ground to iOS inside the United States, has made giant gains throughout the 5 primary European markets. With the high momentum sale of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iOS has won a 5 percent marketplace percentage inside the US.

The 2017 iPhone lineup. Image: tech2/Rehan Hooda

“iPhone 8 changed into the pinnacle selling version in the US over the zone, with a 9.4% percentage of the handset marketplace, and with iPhone XR launching out of doors this era we’d expect Apple share to pick up also toward the give up of the 12 months,” Dominic Sunnebo, Global Director for Kantar Worldpanel ComTech said. According to today’s findings, Android accounts for 60.1 percentage customers within the US, even as iOS has a massive 39.7 percentage user base. BlackBerry seems to have been completely ditched within us, whereas Windows and other running systems account for a small, 0.2 percent in general.

Sponsored by using MGID How Indian Moms Increase Their Earnings At Home. Unfortunately, the report doesn’t track the OS traits within the Indian market, but China is the best Asian promote it has surveyed, wherein Android is in advance with a huge margin, with 80. Eight percentage users using the platform, and best 18.Nine percent interacting with iOS.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Image: Tech2

Apparently, Xiaomi has had a large hand in the Android leap inside the Chinese and few European markets. “Xiaomi is continuing to expand rapidly in Spain and, greater lately, in Italy and France. The centered push that the two Chinese giants are making into Europe is inflicting pain for his or her opponents across the board,” Sunnebo writes.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was the top-selling version across the big five European markets in September. Meanwhile, the newly released Galaxy Note nine also made it into the pinnacle of 10 maximum famous models for the month. Further, each Huawei and Xiaomi executed locations in the pinnacle 5 handset ranking for the first time in the P20 Lite and Noted five, respectively.


Apple maintains to steer handset income in Japan despite robust pressure from Sharp and Huawei. Both manufacturers have visible robust profits, growing their percentage of income by 6 percent and three.2 percent respectively; Sharp’s flagship Aquos R2 and Huawei’s P20 Lite both made it into the pinnacle five fine-selling lists for the third quarter.

After a quick spoil, we are back to the percentage of our working draft of Chapter 5 of the Beginner’s Guide to search engine optimization with you! This one changed into a whopper, and we’re certainly looking ahead to your input. Giving beginner SEOs a stable grasp of just what technical optimization for SEO is and why it topics — without overwhelming them or scaring them off the challenge — is a tall order certainly. We want to pay attention to what you observed: did we pass over something you watched is critical for novices to realize? Leave us your comments in the feedback! And in case you’re curious, test back on our define, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, and Chapter Four to look at what we’ve got protected to date.

Chapter 5: Technical Optimization

Basic technical expertise will help you optimize your site for search engines like google and build credibility with builders. Now that you’ve crafted valuable content material on the muse of solid keyword studies, it’s vital to ensure it’s now not the simplest readable via humans, but via search engines like google too! You don’t want to have the deep technical know-how of those principles. However, it is crucial to grasp what these technical assets do to communicate intelligently approximately with builders. Speaking your builders’ language is crucial because you’ll probably want them to carry out some of your optimizations. They’re unlikely to prioritize your asks if they couldn’t recognize your request or see its significance. When you set up credibility and trust with your devs, you could begin to tear away the red tape that regularly blocks vital work from getting achieved.

Pro tip: SEOs need pass-team support to be effective

It’s important to have a wholesome relationship together with your builders so that you can efficaciously address search engine marketing demanding situations from both sides. Don’t wait until a technical issue causes poor search engine optimization ramifications to involve a developer. Instead, be part of forces for the strategy planning stage to ward off the problems altogether. If you don’t, it can cost you time and money later.

Beyond the pass-crew guide, knowledge technical optimization for search engine marketing is important if you want to ensure that your internet pages are established for both human beings and crawlers. To that stop, we’ve divided this chapter into three sections:


Since the technical structure could affect its overall performance, everybody needs to apprehend these standards. It might also be an excellent concept to proportion this part of the guide with your programmers, content writers, and architects so that everyone party worried about a domain’s production are on the same page.

1. How websites work

If search engine optimization is the method of optimizing an internet site for seeking, SEOs need as a minimum a primary knowledge of the component they’re optimizing! Below, we outline the internet site’s adventure from domain call purchase all the way to its completely rendered kingdom in a browser. A crucial thing of the internet site’s adventure is the vital rendering route, which is the technique of a browser turning a website’s code right into a viewable page. Knowing this about websites is vital for CEOs to apprehend for a few reasons:

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