How Can You Choose and Safely Use Power Strip?

Power Strips are widely used in places where power is split into various devices, and multiple devices can be plugged in it. These days, you will find power strips connected with every single device, be it your television, microwave or maybe under your desk where you work. With the help of a power strip, you can plug in multiple devices in the same power source.

Some power strips are also surge protectors that protect your device from surging excess of electricity through your device. It is an extension box that can vary from a single port to twelve ports for devices to plug in.

Not all power strips are safer to use, and some may put your gadgets at risk. But for similar devices that do not use an excess of power, surge protectors can be used. So here are some points that will guide you for choosing the right power strips.

Check the Electrical Rating-

It is better to ask about its electrical rating because it will specify how much electricity it can absorb before failing. Depending upon the device or devices you want to connect with it, choose accordingly.

Check the Type of Appliances you want to Plug-in-

Choose the power strip appropriate for the appliance you want to connect with. You may buy the best of the best power strip, but if it doesn’t suit your device, your money is wasted. Your home appliances like TV, microwave and refrigerator require a reliable and robust power strip than your lamps and mobile chargers.

Check the Number of Ports Required-

Keep in mind the number of devices you want to plug-in and according to that, select the power strip with the required number of ports. Once you have decided on it, don’t forget to check the electrical rating and the price of the power strip.

You can also look online on various sites about a company that deals in power strips, surge protectors and other plugs to compare the electrical ratings and their cost.

Check the Other Unique Features-

 Some power strips come with unique features such as automatic moisture shut off and the ability to be wall-mounted. Whereas, most of the power strips have USB ports and are energy efficient.

The more the features, the better is a power strip and costly too. Always choose according to your need and the type of electronic devices you want to connect with it.

Check the Warranty-

Before buying power strips or surge protectors, ask about their warranty. Never go for any device without a warranty since they can damage your gadgets, leaving you with extra expenses.

Surge protectors with a warranty can protect your device from the excess of electrical or voltage spikes. It has a limit of absorbing energy before it fails. So when you have all the knowledge about it, you can easily rely on these products for your appliances. Warranted products may cost a bit high, but at least your devices will be safe for a longer time.


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