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Wireless business devices, tiny palm-of-the-hand technology, fantastic-establishing software program, downloadable time management apps – it seems there’s a brand new product out every minute and each one promising to make you and your business greener, extra streamlined, and more worthwhile. It’s clean to fall into the entice of purchasing them, too. When a network contact turns up with the present-day phone, or your favorite commercial enterprise magazine features the new open-source improvement on MSOutlook, it is difficult no longer to feel which you need that system to sense like a professional; despite everything, you cannot be left at the back of, are you able to? But that is simply advertising. It’s what advertising people do. The real questions which you may need to ask yourself are My True Care.

  • Am I addicted to shopping for new efficient ‘toys’?
  • Do I even realize a way to make the maximum of what I’ve already were given?
  • Who’s in fee here – the gadgets or me?

The hassle is recommended to experience inadequate if we do not run our commercial enterprise with the most modern and shiniest accessories. But successful businesses were being run earlier than the discovery of Twitter or the Blackberry, and even (whisper it quietly) before mobile telephones or laptops. Of route, times change, and nowadays, email and cell computing are the primary tools of most trades. But there may be a word right there: “tool.” All these items are meant to help us. Technology is a superb servant however a poor master, and growing numbers folks are getting stuck up inside the determined and in no way-finishing race to update, upgrade and improve. To be blunt: that race is not true for us. Here are 5 methods wherein being a ‘machine addict’ may be bad for commercial enterprise.


1. There’s nowhere to cover- among the PC in your workplace, the laptop on your bag and the telephone to your pocket, you’re too reachable. If you do not have a few areas a while to recognize what’s critical, then the strain begins to build. It would help if you had a second’s peace to paintings in.


2. That ‘left at the back of’ feeling- as generation zooms ahead, the chance in which you begin to trust that you have to maintain pace with it. The problem is, it movements so speedy that you’re putting your self up to fail, and that could undermine your self assurance. You don’t want modern technology; you need the proper era for your enterprise – there is regularly a huge distinction between the two.

3. The triumph of urgency- with all the ones messages and reminders clamouring for your interest, it can be tough to consciousness on what’s critical. The result is which you’re constantly pulled in several exceptional instructions, and something project shouts loudest wins – that is not effective or green. It would help if you prioritized after which persist with your plan. (less complicated scheduled than accomplished!)

4. Running to stand nonetheless- the in no way ending parade of more recent and fancier devices to shop for isn’t always handiest expensive however it is also de-skilling (more on this beneath).

5. Planning will become a thing of the beyond- but cautiously, you schedule your time, your useful gadgets and gizmos are constantly there to distract and interrupt you. It would help if you positioned them in their right region.

The biggest problem with some of these time-saving devices is honestly the time it takes to discover ways to use them. Each buy de-competencies you by using putting you in a role of lack of expertise that you have to then triumph over by studying a way to use it nicely. Expecting to be extra efficient just due to the fact you’ve got offered the state-of-the-art efficiency software program is like anticipating to be thin due to the fact you’ve sold a food regimen e-book or watching for to be a musician because you’ve got bought a piano.

It’s no longer that these devices, apps and enhancements can not help your efficiency, it is that you need to make an effort to analyze what they could do for you and how to make them do it. And you’ll probably have to significantly trade the manner you figure a good way to do it. Who has time for that? What commonly happens is that we buy the system, examine just enough in order that we can make it do what the antique device did after which get on with our every day enterprise. But that is simply the old manner of running the usage of a newer accent – a number of effort for no extra go back.

  • So what to do?
  • Two matters.


Whenever you’re tempted with the aid of a new time-saving, performance-enhancing object or utility, ask yourself these questions: How exactly will this assist me in being extra efficient? What do particular, measurable improvements I anticipate and using whilst? How long will it take me to discover ways to use it? Is it well worth the investment of my time? (and money!) What else about my contemporary machine of working will I need to exchange a good way to completely leverage this new factor. When you’ve answered some of these questions, ask yourself whether it’s absolutely worth it. If the solution is “YES” then by way of all means attain for your credit scorecard.


Take a step lower back and have a look at what you’ve already got. Have you truly exhausted its abilities? Do you actually need to update it? Here’s an actual example. Someone lately advised me that she was switching from MSOutlook to Gmail because of Gmail’s selected feature Fair sufficient, except that Outlook has that very same characteristic. She failed to realize approximately it. Once I’d pointed that out, she changed her thoughts and stored herself from switching her commercial enterprise and her people over to a brand new device that they didn’t need.


I locate this occurs all of the time – nine times out of ten, we have already got all of the gear we want to be extra green, to make better use of our time, but we don’t use them. And sometimes, we do not even recognize what we’ve got. Of course, there can be times whilst your system will need an entire overhaul, or maybe even replacing. But honestly, no longer each month, and probably now not every yr.

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Irving Frazier
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