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50 Amazing Facts About the Internet

Did that net take the best four years to attain 50 million customers? It took 38 years for radio, while TV made it in thirteen years. Here are a few thrilling facts and records approximately the World Wide Web:


1. Worldwide Web was developed in the Objective-C programming language.

2. The “www” part of a web page is elective and isn’t always required by way of any internet coverage or popularity.

Three. Twenty in step with a cent of the world’s populace, 1.17 to at least one.33 billion humans now use the Internet. North America (seventy-two%) has the best penetration, Africa (five%) the lowest.

4. The time period Internet and World Wide Web are regularly utilized in each speech without distinction. However, the Internet and the World Wide Web aren’t one and identical. The Internet is a worldwide facts communications device. It is a hardware and software infrastructure that offers connectivity between computers. In contrast, the Web is one of the offerings communicated through the Internet. It is a set of interconnected files and different resources connected via hyperlinks and URLs.

5. The Internet became known as the ‘Galactic Network’ in memos written with the aid of MIT’s JCR Licklider in 1962.

6. Researchers recollect that the first search engine became Archie, created in 1990 with Alan Emtage, a pupil at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

7. It turned into once taken into consideration a letter inside the English language. The Chinese call it a touch mouse, Danes and Swedes call it ‘elephant’s trunk,’ Germans a spider monkey, and Italians a snail. Israelis pronounce it ‘strudels,’ and the Czechs say ‘rollmops… What is it? The @ signal.


8. Did you recognize that the original URL of Yahoo! Was akebono.Stanford.Edu

9. Google got its name from the mathematical figure googol, which denotes the variety ‘one followed via a hundred zeros.’

10. Yahoo! Derived its name from Yahoo, coined with the aid of Jonathan Swift in Gulliver’s Travels. A Yahoo is someone who’s repulsive in appearance and motion and is slightly human!

11. The top cause the Google home page is so bare is due to the reality that the founders failed to know the HTML and desired a brief interface. In truth, the submit button changed into a later addition, and first of all, hitting the RETURN key became the only way to burst Google into lifestyles.

12. The word ‘e mail’ has been banned by way of the French Ministry of tradition. They are required to use the phrase ‘Courriel’ instead; that’s the French equivalent of the Internet. This move became the challenge of ridicule from the cyber network in the standard.

13. The first-ever ISP changed into CompuServe, which still exists under AOL, Timer Warner.

14. Did you know that symbolics.Com become the first-ever area name registered online?

15. According to a University of Minnesota document, researchers estimate the volume of Internet traffic is growing at an annual rate of fifty to 60, consistent with the cent.

16. If you need to sell your e-book on amazon.Com you can set the charge, but they may take 55 in keeping with cent cut and go away with the simplest 45 in step with a cent.

17. Almost 1/2 of people online have at least three email bills. Also, the average purchaser has maintained the same e-mail deal for 4 to 6 years.

18. Spam accounts for over 60 consistent with a cent of all electronic mail, consistent with Message Labs. Google says at least one 1/3 of all Gmail servers are full of unsolicited mail.

19. Anthony Greco, elderly 18, became the primary person arrested for the spam (unsolicited immediately messages) on February 21, 2005.

20. The first net website was built at CERN. CERN is the French acronym for European Council for Nuclear Research and is positioned in Geneva, Switzerland.


21. The World Wide Web is the tremendous implementation of hypertext. However, it isn’t always the most effective one. A laptop help report is clearly a hypertext record.

22. The concept of style sheets changed into the area when the first browser turned into release.

23. The deal with the sector’s first net server is information.Cern.Ch/ The URL of the primary internet page changed nxoc01.Cern.Ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.Html. Although this web page isn’t hosted anymore at CERN, a later web page model is published at w3.Org/History/199921103hypertext/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.Html.

24. The first browser that made the web to be had to PC and Mac users changed into Mosaic. It changed into advanced via the National Center for Supercomputing (NCSA), led by Marc Andreessen in February 1993. Mosaic changed into one of the first graphical net browsers and brought about an explosion in internet use.

25. April 30, 1993, is an essential date for the Web because, on that day, CERN announced that everyone might additionally use WWW technology freely.

26. Microsoft released Internet Explorer in 1995. This event initiated the browser wars. By bundling net explorer with the Windows working machine, utilizing 2002, Internet Explorer has become the maximum dominant internet browser with a market percentage over 95 consistent with cent.

27. The development of standards for the World Wide Web is managed by using the W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C became based in October 1994 and headed with the aid of Tim Berners-Lee.

28. Only four in line with cent of Arab girls use the Internet. Moroccan ladies constitute nearly a third of that discern.

29. YouTube’s bandwidth requirements to upload and view all the motion pictures cost as plenty as 1 million bucks an afternoon and drawing. The sales generated by YouTube can not pay for its preservation.

30. According to AT&T vice-chairman Jim Cicconi, eight hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. This changed into in April 2008. On May 21, 2009, YouTube received 20 hours of video content consistent with minutes.

31. Around seventy-five in step with cent of the music available for download has never been purchased, and it far costs cash to be on the server.

32. Domain registration was loose until the National Science Foundation decided to change this on September 14th, 1995.

33. It is envisioned that one of every 8 married couples began through meeting online.

34. Iceland has the highest percent of Internet users at 68, consistent with cent. The United States stands at fifty-six%. 34% of all Malaysians use the Internet even as the simplest 8 in line with cent of Jordanians are linked, 4% of Palestinians; zero.6% of Nigerians and zero.1% of Tajikistan.

35. Employees at Google are encouraged to use 20 in keeping with cent of their time running on their personal projects. Google News, Orkut are each example of projects that grew from this running version.

36. The era of the Internet started again inside the 1960′s at MIT. The first message ever to be transmitted turned into LOG… Why? The consumer had tried to type LOGIN. However, the network crashed after the widespread load of statistics of the letter G. It was to be some time before Facebook would be advanced

37. According to a University of Minnesota report, researchers estimate the extent of Internet visitors is growing at an annual fee of fifty to 60 percent.

38. Since the beginning of the Internet, report sharing became trouble for the government that managed it. In 1989, McGill University shut down their FTP indexing web page after finding out that it became accountable for 1/2 of the Internet visitors from America into Canada. Fortunately, some similar record indexing websites had already been made.

39. Google estimates that the Internet nowadays includes approximately 5 million terabytes of statistics (1TB = 1,000GB) and claims it has the most effective listed a paltry 0.04% of all of it! You should be healthy the complete Internet on just two hundred million Blu-Ray disks.

40. Speaking of seeking – One-THIRD of all Internet searches are particularly for pornography. It is expected that 80% of all images on the Internet are of naked girls.

41. According to legend, Amazon has become the number one purchasing website online because inside the days before the invention of the massive Google search, Yahoo might list the websites in their listing alphabetically!

42. The first-ever banner ad invaded the Internet in 1994, and it changed into just as bad as these days. The advert was part of the AT&Ts “you will” campaign and turned into located on the HotWired homepage.

43. Of the 247 BILLION email messages despatched every day, 81% are natural junk mail.

44. 35.6% of net customers are in Asia. With common of 389 million internet surfers each month, Asia is the most important internet crowd amongst different world areas. In Asia, 10 out of a hundred surf the Internet.

45. Only 16.6% of the world population surf the net. The number of net surfers in Asia (389,392,28 mil) is 11 instances of Australia’s population (34,468,443 mils). 19% of net users are from United States (210,080,067 mils). Around 18 nations nevertheless don’t have an Internet connection. North Korea’s internet penetration facts aren’t always publicized.

46. The first Internet bug was created using Robert T.Morris, Jr, and attacked greater than 6000 Internet hosts.

47. According to The Economist mag, the primary digital bank on the Internet, referred to as First Virtual Holdings, was opened through Lee Stein in 1994.

48. The ‘Dilbert Zone’ Web website online became the primary syndicated comedian strip website to be had on the Internet.

49. Did you know that domains may be sold at high fees? The most luxurious area to date, ‘sex.Com’ turned into purchased by Escom LLC at $14 million in January 2006. Another changed into ‘enterprise.Com,’ which become offered to companies for $7.5 million in 1999.

50. The Internet is the 0.33-most used marketing medium within the globe, intently catching up with conventional local newspapers and Yellow Pages.

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