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China’s ‘Useless Edison’ Mixes Inventing And Internet, With Funny Results

YANG VILLAGE, CHINA: His fans call him “The Useless Edison.” But inventor Geng Shuai would not thoughts. In reality, the form of likes it. “People say my inventions are useless. However, I assume there are two dimensions to usefulness: practicality and entertainment,” said the 30-12 months-antique former welder, who left his activity last year to cognizance full time on making his questionable contraptions, which includes a motorcycle with its personal toilet. “I like doing this. So it is beneficial.”

Every u. S. Has its toolshed inventors. But China – which gave the sector movable type printing, gunpowder, and the compass – has spawned a population of tinkerers who display the kind of outsize ambition that has helped u. S. Turn out to be a global financial large. There’s a rather big subset of farmers and other DIY devotees who’ve built submarines and light planes, various types of robot plows, and monster truck-fashion tractors.


Geng Shuai gave up a creative job and now supports his circle of relatives via his movies. Geng may now be the excellent-recognized amongst them – a brand new form of social media celebrity whose calling card is his quirkiness. Standing in his workshop in this tiny village out of doors Beijing, Geng shows off his innovations. There’s the beef cleaver turned hair comb. And there may be a tennis racket-length watermelon-slicer. There’s the earthquake-proof noodle bowl that swings in its stand to allow the eater to retain slurping thru seismic waves. There are the slippers crafted from steel nuts. But Geng is most happy with his hammer bag. It’s a hole metal mallet with a compartment that slides out of the pinnacle. Perfect, he says, for storing your cell phone, keys and wallet. It has a strap so that it can dangle over the wearer’s shoulder.

Useless Edison

“It’s very fashionable,” he said, with apparent seriousness, modeling his introduction. “And if someone attempts to scouse borrow your bag, you can simply throw it at them.” But Geng, who grew up making things in his family’s pump factory, is a special form of Chinese entrepreneur. He does now not make money from his inventions.

Well, no longer at once.


Geng Shuai cuts a piece of stainless steel to craft a cellular phone case. He makes a dwelling via inadvertently hilarious movies – filmed with the Chinese splendor filters that make each person appear like an airbrushed megastar – wherein he suggests how he makes his inventions and then hams it up for the digicam as he demonstrates how to use them. With smoldering eyes, he combs his messy hair with the beef cleaver. He falls out of the slippers at the same time as attempting to stroll down a rustic road in them. And he affords a motorcycle with a seat that lifts to expose a squat restroom. Just flip the throttle to flush. (Luckily, the video cuts out earlier than Geng unzips his fly.)

He now has almost 2 million fans on the video website online Kwai. They provide him cellular smartphone “guidelines” for his performances – the internet equivalent of a busker earning money dropped in a hat. His biggest tippers get their names on plaques on the wall in his workshop, which is frequently the setting for his videos. The bigger the top, the bigger the plaque. Geng attempts to give you a new invention every week and to make motion pictures two or three times every week. He makes about $one hundred fifty every time he makes a live-streamed broadcast – decent money in a town wherein 5 people will have a lavish lunch for a complete of $25. He makes sufficient to assist his family – he and his spouse have children – and his brother, who shoots the films.


Cellphone instances designed to appear like meat cleavers are Geng Shuai’s hottest product. “Most people think I’m an entertainer. However, I think of myself as an inventor,” he said, naming as his hero the eccentric Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla. Geng attributes his repute to China’s fast industrialization, which has seen hundreds of thousands of humans migrate from rural areas to small flats within the large cities. The paintings lengthy days. “Chinese people love innovations and inventing stuff, but due to economic development, most people don’t have the time to do it,” he stated. “That’s why I am famous – they watch me making matters due to the fact they can’t make matters themselves.”

It’s a comparable phenomenon to the “stay ingesting” videos that commenced in South Korea and, at the moment, are popular in China. Internet stars devour in the front of the digital camera, regularly so visitors can eat with them and no sense alone. Once, a fan who changed into dwelling especially vicariously through Geng’s films sent him $720, which is lucky because he would not make much if he needed to depend on income. When he first cease “boring” production work to follow his passion, he started out making slingshots out of metallic nuts soldered together. He supplied them for sale on WeChat, the ever-present Chinese social media app, for about $10. He offered two or 3.

China's 'Useless Edison'

No one wanted his water pipe that supposedly filtered pollutants out of cigarettes. But the metal nut cannon, which shoots rubber bands, has been one among his bestsellers. He’s offered four. Geng’s maximum popular product is the meat cleaver phone case, which he makes to reserve relying on the client’s telephone. He walks around with a meat cleaver cope with sticking out of his personal pocket, which he grabs to whip out his phone as wanted. So realistic. He’s offered 10.

But it’s the videos that have catapulted him to success.

“People won’t want to buy my innovations. However, they prefer looking at my movies so that they help me using tipping,” he said. His own family failed to share his passion pretty. Geng’s wife, Ji Xiangying, turned into, to begin within the opposition to his selection to throw in his constant process for a fickle existence of Internet renown. “But I got here to accept it after seeing how many people like his innovations,” she said, keeping their toddler, the younger of their kids, on her hip. And while Geng instructed his grandma that he had garnered extra than 1 million lovers online, she requested how he should probably eat that a great deal. The word in Chinese sounds plenty to like “one million bowls of rice noodles.”

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