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6 apps to help you make last-minute voting decisions for the midterm elections

The polls for the 2018 Midterm Elections will open as early as 6 a.M. Tuesday in a few states, so it is officially crunch time for making your very last choices. So whether or not you don’t have any idea who’s running in your district’s congressional seats, otherwise you need a short brush up on the troubles heading into the polling booth, there are some brief and clean methods to check what is going to be on that poll. If you have been residing underneath a rock and are simply figuring out that Tuesday is Election Day, you’ll be in good fortune – extra than a dozen states can help you register the day of.

Here are six phone apps you could use to get remaining-minute statistics before heading to

  • the polls:
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  • Vote With Me
  • Vote With Me

Vote With Me is going thru your contacts to drag their voter registration data and balloting histories. The app says the motive is so that you can message your buddies (at once through the app) to encourage them to vote, but it’s been criticized for its talents feeling a bit invasive. However, the facts it presents have always been public; the app offers a greater green way to appearance it up.

 midterm elections

The app also affords a trove of private relevant voter statistics — whilst polls open, historical past on the issues at stake, and who’s strolling in your district.


Countable is one of the best apps if you’re looking for a complete spherical-up of national races and issues at stake for the election. The app is beneficial all year long in staying up to date on congressional payments and how your representatives vote on them. For the Midterm Elections, Countable has a “voter middle” segment with simplified step-by means of-step courses to attending to the polls and planning who to check off in your poll.


Outvote is just like Vote With Me in its capacity to sort via your contacts to find out their vote casting history. This app gamifies your community outreach, as you may stage up and rack up factors by posting on social media and attaining out for your buddies via text and Facebook. This app has over Vote With Me because it kinds your contacts via districts they are registered to vote in. Outvote additionally consists of a slew of extra emojis after every contact that no longer only display their registered political celebration and whether they’re registered in a district in which there is a contentious balloting race, however whether or not your contact has a record of truly displaying up to vote or no longer.

We Vote

We Vote a beneficial app if you’re looking for out of doors opinions on who you should, without a doubt, pick to vote for. You can pick out to follow positive agencies, celebrities, and media outlets — together with Planned Parenthood, Taylor Swift, and the New York Post — to see what candidates they may be backing to your district. You can also pick out the political issues you care about, and the app will show which applicants again your non-public stances.

Last-minute voting decisions

Say Yay

Say Yay is predicated on gathering your stances on applicable problems (crook justice, immigration, healthcare, civil liberties) to determine which applicants best align with your evaluations. This app is useful 12 months-spherical as properly, as you could kind through your elected officers at the federal, state, and neighborhood tiers to gather data on their histories.


Votedash does offer information on your relevant elections, but the nice feature might be that it shows you the location of close-by polling sites. The app uses your modern area — or one you enter — to show where the nearing balloting station is placed and its open hours. So if you need to depart work today quickly to vote, Votedash will be the maximum helpful for you.

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