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5 Types of Bearings

A bearing is a part of the machine that reduces friction between moving parts and helps restrict the motion only to one specific type of motion relevant to the machine. Therefore, the kinds of bearings manufactured are designed for specific movements and specific machines. For example, a certain bearing may provide free linear movement of a moving part or may even prevent a motion by controlling the forces that act on moving parts.



There are 5 major types of bearings, each of which operates on a specific principle.
The plain bearing consists of a shaft rotating in a hole. There are several types and styles of plain bearing – like journal bearing, sleeve bearing, and composite bearing. These bearings are used to constrain, guide, or reduce friction in linear applications – and are useful because this kind of bearing can withstand extreme temperatures, both high and low. Therefore, this becomes useful in hand because it is reliable even in extreme conditions.
Rolling-element bearing is one type in which rolling elements, like balls, are placed between the turning and the stationary points to prevent friction in the machine. Ball bearing, one kind of rolling-element bearing, is when spherical balls are used as elements in the bearing. This kind of bearing is useful for spinning very smoothly; however, it cannot accept a hefty load. This kind is used in a wide range of items, from hard drives to inline skates.


Jewel bearing is a type of plain bearing in which one of the bearing’s surfaces is made of an especially heard glassy material, like sapphire, to reduce the friction of the machine.
The ball thrust bearing is a practical choice and is built for low-speed application and a light load. The ball thrust bearing is not built to accept heavy loads – therefore, it is useful in bar stools and turntables.
However, the roller thrust is useful for machines that have large thrust loads that need to be supported. Therefore, in vehicles with transmissions, roller thrusts can be used between the rotating shafts and the gears. Therefore, the roller thrust used in these machines must be customized to support the machine using the appropriate bearings.
The tapered roller bearing is a rolling-element bearing that can support radial and axial forces, making them a beneficial choice for various applications. These are also used in vehicles and are used in pairs in car hubs to give reliable support to the thrust load in multiple directions.



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