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Gynecological complications that happen to women in 20s:

Women’s health is much complicated compared to men’s health. As we know, there are some complications that every woman will undergo at least one point in her lifetime. It becomes super important to understand that women are created to handle such complications as, by nature, she is more empowered than men and given the responsibility of creation. But in general, for women to face such complications in their 40s and 50s, what could be the complications in their 20s. If you look at the lifestyle of the current generation, their way of living is much different than what it used to be. This is the evolved consumer base as people have started to compete with each other, and in a way, the world revolves in a way that only the fittest survive. Hence the world is becoming an extremely competitive place where women compete equally with men and other women.

Gynecological complications

Some of the common gynecological complications and the reasons:

  1. Irregular periods: It could sound common and simple, but it has many underlying health issues. Women who face irregular periods often tend to undergo painful and prolonged periods as well. Living with this can lead to uterine-related illnesses like cysts. Some of the reasons for irregular periods are genetics – which generations could pass on, poor lifestyle choices like drinking and smoking, being overweight, etc. The irregular period has become a common issue. Young women should understand their bodies better and try to solve issues at the earliest. If I were facing such an issue, I would visit the best gynecologist in Mumbai the next day and fix the issue.
  2. PCOD/PCOS: This could be the scariest disorder that can happen in your 20s. PCOD is so common that in the US 1 in every woman has PCOD related issues. PCOD happens mostly in your mid-20s that which prevents your pregnancy. Some of the symptoms of PCOD are heavy hair fall on the head, facial and hair in the breast region, migraine, facial acne, and irregular periods. Most of the symptoms are embarrassing to women, and the demand for good PCOD treatment is increasing day by day.
  3. Ovarian Cysts: Due to poor lifestyle, cysts occur, and these can prevent pregnancy in women. Visiting any nearby hospital for delivery in Bangalore can help you get the tests done for the cyst. The treatment is generally a minor surgery that involves removing the cyst.
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