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Airborne Wireless Network Announces Completion of its Preliminary Software Platform

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., Nov. 1, 2018, /PRNewswire/ — Airborne Wireless Network (OTC Pink: ABWN or the Company) is proud to announce that THINKING DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES B.V. Doing enterprise as TDT SYSTEMS, INC. (TDT) has finished the custom software program important for the ongoing lab and subject testing of the 2 Free Space Optics devices and our contemplated two-aircraft flight test. The Company believes that that is enormous because this software could be crucial. After all, the improvement of the pondered Infinitus Super HighwaySM maintains, situation to various factors. Also, based upon the layout of this software program, the software program can be up to date to assist any range of Free Space Optics gadgets.

Michael J. Warren, Chief Executive Officer of ABWN, stated: “We thank TDT for offering this practice software essential for the Company’s continued testing as well as designing the software program so that it may be extended to guide several Free Space Optics devices. Even though that is a full-size occasion, the Company still has additional testing and a whole lot of paintings going ahead with many unknowns.” Evert Van Den Brandhof, Director of TDT, introduced: “I unequivocally nation that the TDT software has been and is evolved for Airborne Wireless Network with top best and efficiency. We had been excited to finish and deliver this stage of the software program.”

About Airborne Wireless Network

Airborne Wireless Network

Airborne Wireless Network intends to create an excessive-pace broadband airborne wi-fi community using linking industrial planes in flight. It is projected that every plane taking part inside the network will act as an airborne repeater or router, sending and receiving broadband alerts from one aircraft to the next and creating a virtual statistics superhighway inside the sky. The Company intends the network to be a high-velocity broadband net pipeline to improve coverage and connectivity. The Company does not intend to provide retail patron coverage to stop users but, as a substitute, act as a wholesale carrier with goal customers, inclusive of internet provider companies and phone agencies.

Currently, the sector’s connectivity is accomplished with undersea cables, floor-primarily based fiber, and satellites. The Company believes that the Company’s airborne digital motorway can be a strategy to fill the arena’s connectivity void. The Company’s community, as soon as it evolved, ought to offer low-cost, high-velocity connectivity to rural regions, island nations, ships at sea, oil platforms, in addition to connectivity to the commercial and private planes in flight.

About Thinking Different Technologies TDT BV

Thinking Different Technologies, TDT BV is a Netherlands-based corporation engaged in studies, prototyping, and patenting inside the domains of radio engineering, electronics, chaos non-linear telecommunication, Instant X-Dimensional Biometrical Human Mapping primarily based on chaos, new unbiased assets of strength fabrication, energy savings in metallurgy and chemical industries, gravity and anti-inertia phenomena, the economy of gas in automotive and aviation industries, exchange of the physical houses of the material, bloodless fusion, synthesis of latest substances for brand new packages, Direct Optical Non-Linear Amplification, Artificial Intelligence in inventory exchange buying and selling packages, traditional inventory trade buying and selling software with ultra-low latency and huge supporting software program engineering traits for all the one’s domains.

Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements:

This launch includes “forward-looking statements” within that means of the safe harbor provisions of the US Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based upon the modern-day beliefs and expectancies of the business enterprise’s control and are a situation too good-sized dangers and uncertain. If underlying assumptions show inaccurate or risks or uncertainties materialize, real consequences may additionally range materially from the ones outlined in the forward-searching statements.

Risks and uncertainties include, but are not restricted to, availability of capital; the inherent uncertainties associated with growing new products or technologies and operating as a development degree organization; our capability to raise the extra funding we will need to hold to pursue our enterprise and product development plans; our ability to broaden and commercialize merchandise primarily based on our era platform; competition in the industry wherein we function and market; standard enterprise situations; general financial elements; the effect of enterprise regulation; technological advances; new products and patents attained via competitors; manufacturing problems or delays; dependence at the effectiveness of the organization’s patents; and the exposure to litigation, inclusive of patent litigation, and/or regulatory movements.

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