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Tips to chose a bridal make up artist.

Your wedding is one day on which all eyes will be on you, which means that you have to look perfect, just as you had imagined since childhood. All the special people in your life are going to be there, and most importantly you have to look picture perfect for the many photographs that would be taken, that one day’s look is super special as it stays with you all your life pictures and in memories. Bad makeup can ruin your pictures and, ultimately, your special day. Therefore it is essential to find a professional bridal make-up artist for your D-day who has experience working on weddings. It is not easy to find the perfect makeup artist, but here are some tips that can make your quest a little easier.

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Search for the artist a little early: Most artists are already booked by the time you think of getting one. It is always better to book a make-up artist at the earliest. You will have plenty of time to find the one best suited to your requirements and avoid any last moment rush when you have to settle with just anyone available.

Go for a trial: There at certain makeup looks that you might want to find which suits you the best, and make-up brand suits your skin. Make-up looks different on different complexions and shapes, and hence it is highly recommended to go for a make-up trial if there’s a new look you want to experiment with.

Go for a make-up consultation: The wedding gown is one of the most important details of a wedding, and if the makeup doesn’t go with it, then the whole look can go bad. Although a little pricey, a pre-wedding makeup consultation can help you ensure that the makeup perfectly complements your dream gown. After all, it’s your wedding day, and a little extra money spent can give you the dream wedding look you’ve always wanted. The consultation will familiarize you with some dos and don’ts for your skin and help you achieve that glamorous wedding glow.

Tell them what you want: It is important for the bride to be to make it known to the make-up artist what look she wants. Most women prefer a nude look for the big day, for which the makeup artist can do certain tricks so that their makeup doesn’t look heavy. One could go for a spray tan if it’s a destination wedding; however, it should be done a few days before the day to let the tan set.


Keep an emergency makeup kit at hand: After completing your makeup, the makeup artist will leave. In case any fixes or touch-ups are required, always keep an emergency makeup kit at hand. The cosmetics that are used on your face should be from a good brand that suits your skin. Your hair and skin should not be at risk of using a product your allergic to. If you find a make-up artist providing all these services, then you have found the best one for your wedding.

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