Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Fifteen

Of all of those Big Questions central to philosophical standards that surround lifestyles, the universe and everything, the nation-states of theology and religions and the character of deities continue to fascinate. Opinions proliferate in books, articles, videos, conversations in bars and pubs, and in fact anywhere and anywhere or more humans are in proximity. There’s the pro facet; there may be the anti-side. There aren’t too many fence-sitters. I’m nevertheless in the anti-camp as the following bits and pieces illustrate.

Regarding Religion Bits & Pieces

*The big variety of religious faiths is a chief argument in opposition to religious faith.

*Religions of necessity creates an “us-and-them” mentality.

*Christians are in favour of freedom of religion as long as it’s their religion.

*If you ever need to recognize what is wrong together with your faith, simply ask anyone from an alternative religion. They’ll be very pleased to tell you.

*Teach a infant one religion and you indoctrinate them. Teach them many religions and you inoculate them.

Regarding Religion vs. Science

*If the Bible is so all scientifically spot-on, then Galileo and Copernicus might by no means have gotten into theological hot water so to speak. Even the Pope, John Paul II finally had to confess centuries later in October 1992 that Copernicus and (in particular) Galileo got it right and that the Church turned into wrong and had done these scientists an intense disservice and injustice.

*When examining some of my records of technological know-how tomes, what do I discover?

The Ancient Greeks were recognised for his or her arithmetic, observations in natural history and physics. They additionally got here up with the concept of an academic institution of higher getting to know, and admittedly no technological know-how, they are actually associated with the idea of the Olympic Games.


The Arabs excelled at arithmetic and astronomy.

The Polynesians have been masters at maritime and celestial navigation.

The Ancient Egyptians are associated with massive achievements in engineering and also mummification.

The Mayans had been great observational astronomers even without any instrumentation.

The Incas are renowned for their engineering production and for metallurgy.

The Chinese are recognized for numerous discoveries from chemistry to geophysics to astronomy and medicine.

The Vikings were master seafarers.

Several historic cultures independently got here up with the aerodynamic standards governing the invention of the boomerang – now not related to the Bible of direction.

Alas, the Bible and Biblical characters do not fee any point out at all. Historians of technological know-how do not well know any contribution to science from the Bible or through the characters related to the Bible. If some thing, the ‘science’ in the Bible receives massive thumbs down.

Regarding Faith & Belief

*A perception machine that hasn’t modified in 2000 years that isn’t self-correcting is not well worth squat as it isn’t capable of getting to know something new.

*I’d instead not recognize the solution than make stuff up.Image result for Anti-Theist Religious

*Now I realize that the sector is a completely terrifying region, consequently you sense very insecure and by myself and small inside this sea of humanity it, is definitely bloodless and detached and uncaring about you. So, it’s no marvel that you select to stay as tons as possible in a los angeles-los angeles-land wonderland inhabited through an invisible magic man inside the sky, a Big Brother parent who will appearance once you.

*Christian theists constitute just one religion amongst many numerous faiths. I don’t have any more motive to believe in that religion and to just accept that religion than each you and I both do with appreciate to any of the alternative faiths. The most effective tiny difference between us is which you’re an atheist in relation to all faiths however one; I’m an atheist with regards to all faiths complete forestall. So to recap, I don’t agree with in your faith inside the equal manner which you don’t accept as true with in all the others who have their religion tied up in all of the other faiths that aren’t your religion.

*You may declare to have real ‘knowledge’ that God exists instead of only a degree of private religion or belief that God exists, but regardless of the term used, you can’t deliver that ‘know-how’ to me in any such way or shape that I can independently verify that ‘information’ for myself. Therefore, your ‘expertise’ is worthless to me till such time as you do just that. This incapacity; your lack to present me ‘know-how’ that I can independently affirm, speaks volumes.

*But, speakme of ‘knowledge’, I’ll give you a potential reason why you believe you’ve got ‘knowledge’ of God’s lifestyles, the (near) infallibility of the Bible and within the reality of a supernatural Jesus. It’s all because that was the theology that was taught in the way of life / society / community / circle of relatives you have been born and raised into, although indoctrinated / brainwashed is probably more to the factor and a extra suitable time period(s). Now you recognize, and I know, that had you been born and raised in yet again and in some other vicinity your theological indoctrination could have been drastically unique. You’d wager the circle of relatives farm on Ra, The Book of the Dead and on Horus. You’d have notion in your ‘information’ of the theology element and parcel of historical Egypt and this to be true.

*So just due to the fact you claim to have some ‘understanding’ of something (i.E. – God & Jesus) does no longer in and of itself; of necessity, make that alleged ‘expertise’ correct. Many a person has had know-how that later proved wrong.

*Faith isn’t always scepticism.

*Assuming that each Satan and God are actual, how did you honestly parent out that God is the good guy and Satan is the awful man? What mechanism did you operate to figure that out? You ought to use your personal self-generated morality to determine the problem. If you use God’s morality it really is imposed on you, you then aren’t going so that you can use your personal unbiased judgement. God is glaringly going to be biased in favour of God.

Regarding Prayer & Miracles

*Hands that assist are a long way extra important than palms that pray.

*It would not be counted while you pray for rain today whilst the day past’s weather forecast stated tomorrow it’ll rain!

Regarding the Bible

*Anyone can write words in a e-book just like the Bible. But is there any impartial verification for all of the Bible’s alleged supernatural happenings? Just because I examine a ebook in quantum physics does not make quantum physics real, however a lot I may believe the author. But I can exit and do the experiments / observations (or watch the experiments being accomplished) and convince myself that quantum physics is certainly actual because the e book and authorship stated. That’s unbiased verification.

*Here’s a Biblical analogy: I very currently watched the 15 episode TV miniseries on DVD “North & South” – before, throughout and after the American Civil War. Now almost all of the locations in which the tales take location simply exist. Many of the activities (i.E. – Civil War battles; Lincoln’s assassination, Harper’s Ferry, and many others.) sincerely came about. Some of the assisting solid played definitely actual ancient characters like General Lee and General Grant and President Lincoln, and so forth. However, among the locations, a number of the occasions, and all of the foremost characters had been absolutely made up. Thus, “North & South” is a piece of historical fiction so just due to the fact one region / event / person was actual does not translate into the complete miniseries being something a excessive college student may want to watch in instruction for an American records examination.

*Consider Genesis 2: 24 (King James Version)

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and that they will be one flesh.”

The handiest humans gift and accounted for at this point in time were Adam and Eve and they did not have a mum and a dad (in the traditional sense). So wherein did this idea of parenthood come from all of the sudden; all of a unexpected? Well obviously that is just pure evidence that Genesis became all the fabricated from human authorship; authorship that knew flawlessly well that humans come from humans and that human beings have mums and dads. Said authors needed to make clear that when their inventive rendering of the to start with humanly discern-less creation myth of Adam and Eve.

*I don’t have neither the time nor the inclination to undergo over 600 Biblical contradictions, one after the other. I will point out one however. There are separate and aside Ten Commandments which are not complementary; they do not agree one with the other (other than the first actual commandment) – compare and evaluation Exodus 20: three-17 and Exodus 34: eleven-28 (and take in particular careful notice of the very last 3 words in Exodus 34: 28). Suffice it’s to say that I am satisfied the Bible is chock-a-block full of inner contradictions. That’s in addition to all of the different nonsense I’ve already touched on and long gone through.

*Who stated that the Bible became God’s word? A human stated that!

Regarding that Biblical Talking Snake:

*I’ll additionally word that it is simple to try to identify Satan with the speaking snake looking back considering Genesis and Revelation are eons aside; as a long way aside as it is possible to get. Revelation turned into written lots, a lot later and could be twisted to adapt to previous Biblical chapters and verses.

Faced with an Ockham’s Razor preference between the Genesis speaking snake truly being a supernatural entity (i.E. – Satan) for which there is no real independent proof that he even exists, or the speakme snake being the product of natural human imagination, that’s a more rational choice?

Regarding the Exodus

We all recognise the tall tale of the way God commanded Moses (and later Aaron – Exodus 4) to visit the Egyptian pharaoh (curiously unnamed within the Bible) with a request, properly demand genuinely, to let God’s Chosen People (the Israelites / Hebrews) depart their alleged enslavement in Egypt so they could tour to the Promised Land – the Burning Bush fable of The Exodus (Exodus three).

God tells Moses that Pharaoh will now not listen to him whilst he requests, actually needs is more the working example, that Pharaoh let the Hebrew ‘slaves’ go out of Egypt, even after God has given the Egyptian country (observe, no longer Pharaoh) nine plagues to cope with.

Despite giving Moses and Aaron a bag complete with magic hints with which to persuade the Egyptian established order in their holy challenge bona-fides, God also advised Moses (and Aaron) that pharaoh would not listen to them (Exodus 7: 4; 11: 9) and permit His people pass (Exodus 3: 19; 11: 9). In fact God knew before-the-fact that He might have to get downright nasty with Egypt (the Egyptians in widespread in place of the pharaoh mainly) with a view to attain His ambitions (Exodus 3: 20). So a right away trouble arises, why bother sending Moses (and Aaron) to chin-wag with pharaoh in the first place? It became doomed from the get-cross.

In reality God intentionally and on numerous activities, hardened pharaoh’s heart to make certain Moses and Aaron wouldn’t be listened to[#] and to make certain pharaoh would not let His Chosen People move (Exodus 4: 21; 7: three; 7: thirteen-14; 7: 22; eight: 15; 8: 19; 8: 32; 9: 7; 9: 12; nine: 34-35; 10: 1; 10: 20; 10: 27; eleven: 10; 14: 4; 14: eight; and also all Egyptians to boot Exodus 14: 17). What became the factor of asking pharaoh to allow His humans cross and then hardening pharaoh’s coronary heart to make certain the exact opposite end result? Perhaps that just then gives God the sadistic delight of inflicting merciless and unusual punishments on the Egyptian people via the ones ten plagues – be aware, not simply on pharaoh, the handiest individual to which He had an initial beef. In reality numerous times pharaoh turned into inclined to permit His people go and essentially instructed the Hebrews to piss off (Exodus 9: 28; 10: 10; 10: 24; 12: 31-33), however no, God hardened pharaoh’s coronary heart instead.

What God ought to have accomplished, what God ought to have instructed pharaoh at once god-to-guy (face-to-face), assuming God became going to be honest-dinkum approximately His one and most effective one genuine goal which was getting pharaoh to permit His Chosen People depart Egypt (in place of seeking to prove Himself to all Egyptians as an all-spherical sadistic tyrant with the aid of causing the 10 plagues), might had been that unless pharaoh let His humans move, pharaoh turned into going to take a very lengthy stroll off a the top of a totally tall and steep stone pyramid. End of discussion; end of problem.

[#] And pharaoh didn’t listen to (or hearken unto) Moses or Aaron (Exodus 7: thirteen; 7: 22; eight: 15; 8: 19; and 9: 12).

Issues Arising 1: What changed into the factor of sending Moses and Aaron to speak to the pharaoh whilst God knew pharaoh wouldn’t pay attention and allow the Israelites / Hebrews depart Egypt and God Himself could make certain this on severa events via hardening pharaoh’s heart? It was all an workout in absolute futility if you had been Moses and Aaron.

Issues Arising 2: What changed into the factor of God causing punishment at the Egyptian people and farm animals (i.E. – the ten plagues) whilst it became pharaoh and Pharaoh on my own who changed into the impediment – an impediment God wished to be an impediment so God may want to strut His stuff and make rattling certain that all and sundry knew without doubt that He was a study terrible-ass.

Regarding God

*If there honestly is an extremely good argument for the actual life of God, why aren’t theists the use of it?

*Even if God genuinely exists, that in and of itself doesn’t suggest that this God is worthy of being worshipped.

*By the manner, a flawed global implies a incorrect creator.

*If you are looking to prove the life of God, which god are you seeking to prove and why? Can you provide me any actual proof that supports your God that doesn’t also guide every other god(s)?

*God stated it; I believe it; that settles it.

*If you’re genuinely worth of worship, you wouldn’t call for to be worshipped. And just because God (might also have) created you doesn’t imply of necessity which you are obliged to worship Him.

*If God created a women to be a partner to the male of the species, why failed to God create a lady deity to be a companion to Him?

Regarding God’s Creation & the First Cause Argument

*I suggest that God is sincerely a magical flying purple elephant how farted the Universe into life. Justification? We know that farting exists, even within the animal nation (my cats skip wind as an example); we recognise that flying exists, from insects to pterosaurs to birds to bats to airplanes; we know that crimson exists (pretty other than the entertainer); we realize that elephants exist too. So a flying pink elephant that farted the Universe into life is manner extra rational that presupposing any invisible magic man in the sky did the deed considering we have no actual information that this type of author deity actually even exists.

*Maybe God brought about the Big Bang occasion however in doing so blew Himself up – oops.

Regarding God’s Omniscience

*If God is all-understanding then how can He be disenchanted at you for sinning when He knew even before you were born that you could sin?

*Some say that there’s no contradiction in being all-knowing and having free will. But in case you understand for absolute sure, and you are certain via that understanding, of what you will have for breakfast the next day morning, then of necessity you should have that breakfast. Otherwise you didn’t recognise for absolute certain what became to happen before-the-fact and also you weren’t all-understanding. If you are all-understanding then you have no loose will inside the count number in case you do what you knew for absolute certain what you would do. Now either a deity has free will OR else it is all-knowing. The deity cannot be each considering that that might be a logical fallacy or contradiction. Of route the deity in question will be neither all-knowing AND have no free will, which shows that there may not also be a deity present and accounted for at all. Further, if God is NOT all-knowing, then I’ll recommend that He does not recognise a way to create an absolute some thing from absolute nothingness.

Rebuttal: Omniscience (knowing all) does no longer consist of understanding the destiny, because the future does not exist (by the very grammar of the sentence, it’d make no feel to say that the destiny exists). So, simply as an omniscient being would not need to recognize the number of hairs on Harry Potter’s head (there’s no such quantity, so there’s not anything to recognize), likewise He might no longer need to realize the destiny (for the reason that there may be no such element).”

Rebutting the rebuttal: Some dictionary definitions first of all of “omni”. Omni way “shows all”; “denoting all”; “an detail of Latin starting place which means ‘all'”. If you are ALL-knowing, the word ALL manner simply that – ALL. ALL encompasses ALL that is past; ALL this is present; ALL this is future; ALL is ALL that there may be to recognise approximately existence, the Universe and everything. The phrase is “all-knowing” NOT “all (except for the future)-knowing. Argue with using the word “all”, no longer with me. And through the manner, the destiny is deterministic given the legal guidelines, standards and relationships that rule the roost. One example: sun and lunar eclipses can be predicted with fact heaps of years into the future. You ought to write a listing of future occasions, occasions should take place.

Rebuttal 2: Omni does indeed suggest “all”, but the destiny does not exist, and so it isn’t always part of “all” any extra than the variety of hairs on Santa Claus’ beard is a part of “all”. There isn’t any such variety, so even an omniscient individual isn’t required to know it.

Rebutting the rebuttal 2: Again, the phrase is “all-knowing” NOT “all (except for the future)-knowing”. Further, given theist’s perception that the Bible is absolutely the word of God, the Book of Revelation is all approximately the destiny. Further, what about all of those Biblical prophets who had absolute knowledge of the future? Finally, I have satisfied myself via rational concept techniques that unfastened will and omniscience are incompatible and contradictory phrases.

Regarding God’s Will

*Since we weren’t allowed to eat from the Tree of Knowledge that would advise that God wished to hold us in a nation of natural and perpetual lack of expertise. Methinks knowledge, even know-how of precise and evil, is superior to lack of expertise and so the speakme snake, Even and Adam ultimately did the proper component.

*Now simply why could God all human beings to have loose will if He then will not allow stated human beings to exercising their free will without punishing them for it? That’s all the more the case whilst if exercising one’s free will the exercise of that free will harms no other human beings. There are many “thou shall nots” in the Bible that if you do any of those “nots” God will get you for that even though no man or woman changed into harmed or inconvenienced in even the slightest manner.

Regarding God’s ‘Morality’

*If you believe you studied God is Mr. Morality personified, then please allow me to study positive adult-handiest Biblical stories to your young youngsters!

For example (considered one of many):

1 Samuel 15:2-3 (King James Version)

2 “Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I take into account that which Amalek did to Israel, how he laid watch for him within the manner, while he got here up from Egypt.”

three “Now cross and smite Amalek, and entirely wreck all that they’ve, and spare them no longer; however slay each guy and woman, little one and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.”

Now how will you give an explanation for on your younger child why God ordered infants and infants to be slaughtered? And what changed into the point of killing all of the farm animals? God’s insane!

*More approximately God’s crimes? God says “do not kill”; God kills. Enough stated! For elaboration I recommend you watch on YouTube DarkMatter2525’s clip on “God is going on a mass murder spree”. He gives forty one Biblical references to lower back up his claims.

*We do no longer, or we definitely need to not get our morality from God in view that He’s very a whole lot a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ kind of dude. Any tremendous affiliation between God and morality is a prime oxymoronic association. I’m prepared, willing and capable of skip judgement on God and God’s alleged ‘morality’, mainly on grounds that God, after all, became created inside the photograph of people. So I’m in the long run in judgement of fellow humans, albeit humans – human beings who wrote the Bible consequently described God’s ‘morality’ – long since turned to dirt and ashes.

*If you take delivery of God’s model of morality unreservedly, you then are passing judgement upon God. If you do now not receive God’s version of morality unreservedly, either in component or in its entirety, then you definitely are also passing on God. In either case, you’re the usage of your very own internally derived ideas of morality to both agree or disagree with God’s morality.

*Morality should come from some authority. We (the people) ARE that authority.

Regarding Jesus

*Can Christian theists cite for me at the least one inscription or record – NOT the Bible – that has been dated and authenticated to the generation between 1 AD and say 50 AD, an inscription or document that mentions Jesus, in particular a supernatural Jesus, one that finished miracles and who was resurrected from the useless? Can you do this? If not then please maintain quiet about the lifestyles of present day proof for the real existence of Jesus.

Because here’s the factor. Did any of the alleged (500 or so) witnesses (1 Corinthians 15: 6) to the resurrected Jesus, or any of the ladies or any of the disciples who saw an lively version of him put up-crucifixion ever pen their very own first-person account of this miracle? The solution is an absolute “no”.

And historic historian Josephus wasn’t born till after-the-reality (37 AD – 100 AD). He makes no mention of Jesus until around ninety three-94 AD in his “Antiquities of the Jews”, failing to say Jesus in earlier works, and then offers handiest brief mentions which have merited plenty scholarly debate (i.E. – now not everyone is satisfied of the authenticity of what Josephus allegedly wrote. Further, there aren’t any originals – of course. The earliest copies date to the 11th Century, so we are managing copies of copies of copies; translations of translations of translations. Who can definitely say what changes have been or could have been made via the ones Christian clergymen into whose care changed into located the relevant Josephus manuscript?

Even if regardless of all the copies and all the translations and all the possibilities for those with vested interests to feature and/or subtract from what Josephus wrote, what Josephus wrote simplest offers historic credibility to Jesus the mortal person, not Jesus the supernatural being.

*Christian theists do go on, and on, and on, and on, and on approximately all of this proof for the existence of a supernatural Jesus and a resurrected Jesus (and an invisible Jesus, but by no means thoughts that). Yet two of the three primary monotheistic religions deliver the concept of a supernatural / resurrected Jesus absolutely the thumbs down. So why doesn’t their alleged proof for Jesus cut any ice with the True Believers of these two different foremost faiths? Methinks something is downright screwy with theist’s alleged evidence – like it would not absolutely even exist.

*Regarding the alleged resurrection of Jesus, are you able to believe the debacle that would stand up if current primary news tales in the here-and-now were not mentioned anywhere until 50 years after-the-fact. What degree of accuracy should you anticipate especially if everything were just reported by way of phrase-of-mouth? Fifty years after-the-truth? Talk approximately alternative information rising and utterly fake information.

*Hercules is the real new resurrection story and Jesus is the fake information tale. The resurrection of Jesus became a slightly remodeled plagiarism of the Hercules resurrection. Now show me wrong!

*The alleged “empty tomb” isn’t an issue for the resurrection of Jesus. Just because my cookie jar is empty would not imply I haven’t any cookies. Or, simply due to the fact I actually have an empty wallet doesn’t imply that I’m broke.

*Sexual abstinence did not assist the Virgin Mary now, did it?

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