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Go canoeing or on a walking tour: Travel for unique signature experiences



1. CANOE-ON: People sail on canoes under ‘Le Pont d’Arc’ rock on the Ardeche River within the Gorges de l’Ardeche, known as the ‘European Grand Canyon’, near Vallon-Pont-d’Arc in Southern France.



If you are lucky enough to go to a small metropolis in Beaufort, North Carolina, you will soon find out its strong point.

Beaufort is a waterfront metropolis, and one of those locations you can term as “fascinating.” It is rich — each in its records and the herbal beauty of a seaside ecosystem.

I could time period it “satisfactory.”

Nice inside the relaxing feel.

Nice like savouring the flavour of a sparkling, delicious tuna sandwich together with your special someone at the same time as allowing the calming presence of a beachfront view remind you one more time of what it means to “take time to stay.”


You should skip it with the aid of and now not see it.

The signal is not huge by using any well-known. A few phrases painted on a wooden marker: “Personally Yours By The Sea.”

The size of the signal might without difficulty be a hallmark of the size of the gift shop it is advertising and marketing. In a phrase: small.

A vicinity much less than the measurements of an average residing room homes the contents of “Personally Yours By The Sea, Ltd.” Should you find out this rather hidden treasure, upon entry you will absolute confidence get hold of a warm Southern greeting from Laura Lee.

Personally Yours By The Sea is a place of transformation.

You supply Laura Lee a blank photo body, for instance, and she or he will transform the body into a customized present.

By combining a concept or two of your very own with Laura Lee’s handiwork, the body becomes a uniquely designed memento or present created for the only cause of inflicting someone to experience a moment of pleasure whenever it is viewed.


What becomes a blank photo frame turns into a *personal expression* of beauty for you or a person special to you.

It simply takes…Image result for Go canoeing or on a walking tour: Travel for unique signature experiences

Some time,

A private concept or two,

And a dash of creativity.

You would possibly say that we each personal a store — no longer too unlike the only in Beaufort. We are the only owners of our personal “Personally Yours” institutions.

As store owners, we have the power to use our resources in something methods we select. We, like Laura Lee, may additionally upload our unique “signatures” to the lives of these we have an effect on.

The day with the aid of the day we are able to layout and distribute moments of satisfaction, encouragement and wish to humans.


Laura Lee has been personalizing her gifts for approximately fourteen years.

Fourteen years!

Allow your mind to wander for some brief seconds. How many individualized expressions of happiness have been crafted through the years from Laura Lee’s tiny shop in Beaufort, North Carolina?


In how many different places across the United States — or even the world — do you suspect these specific items can be located? (I can name at the least two states that I know of for sure!)

Fourteen years.

And absolute confidence accelerated loads of clients.

That’s numerous smiles for a whole lot of human beings

It also well-known shows the value of…


We realize the value of compound interest. Consistent investments — even of extraordinarily small quantities of money — revamped a protracted time frame can upload up.

Consider the “compound have an impact on” we are able to have in the lives of humans.

Our effect can “travel” — much like the personalised presents bought from a small waterfront metropolis in North Carolina have travelled to the homes, locations of employment, and excursion hideaways of many people in a selection of places.

That’s the secret of compound impact.Image result for Go canoeing or on a walking tour: Travel for unique signature experiences

Some time.

A personal concept or.

A dash of creativity…

*Repeated time and again over time* = “Compound Influence”

I understand this isn’t a new concept. It isn’t always specific and really doesn’t qualify as exquisite.

But the willpower to take small, regular steps of movement so that you can pride the hearts of others according to the precise motivations and gifts we were given is both *wished* and *precious* in our world.

And with that during thoughts, maybe every one of us has to ask…


Do I even have too much-unused inventory?

Am I permitting my gifts, abilities and abilities to lie somewhat dormant within the again room of my coronary heart?


Is my stock being always used to brighten the lives of human beings?

Am I utilizing the tremendous value of compound have an impact on by consistently including my private “signature of joy” to the humans in my world?

Yours for a day filled with beautiful moments in time,


P.S. Why now not spend a moment or and take an stock– an inventory of your strengths, gifts or abilities?

You should not list they all — only some.

Once the list has been made, ask your self this question:

“How can I use one or greater of these presents I were given to create a second of pleasure for someone I care approximately?”

Just an idea

© Lee Wise All rights reserved. You can also freely distribute this text. The copyright and this useful resource field have to be included. Lee is a writer, existence instruct, and family guy with a passion for on motive residing, non-secular formation, and making an advantageous effect inside the international.


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