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Finance Careers: Investment Banking Associate

As 2d-year MBA students chatter at cocktail parties, one of the essential topics of debate is who landed investment banking gives. Although the reputation of investment banking has taken a beating following the 2008 economic crisis, corporate finance jobs are still an excellent way to advantage valuable business experience and earn a good-looking paycheck.


Since the economic crisis, many perceive funding banking to have been modified all the time, and in many ways, it has. But there will nonetheless be IPOs, mergers, leveraged buyouts, and a need to elevate capital to develop organizations. This means there might be jobs for those who have what it takes to achieve company finance.

For the MBA, the standard access activity into the company finance department is an associate function. It’s an annoying slot, but it is one rung above an analyst position, will pay well, and results in terrific customer publicity and enterprise experience. So what’s going to it take for an MBA to comfy an accomplice role?

From B-School to I-Banking

Yes, company finance looks for bright those who can, in reality, articulate enterprise insights and who will dazzle customers with social skills. But at the partner stage, investment banks also are searching out MBAs that have sturdy finance experience and are driven and disciplined.

In phrases of revel in, bankers are ideally searching out applicants with previous corporate finance enjoy. Such enjoyment can be a pre-MBA stint as an analyst or a summertime internship with a funding bank. Firms also tend to fee candidates with Big Four accounting revels, and business banking enjoys or other positions requiring full-size publicity to finance and accounting.

Like the analyst hiring procedure, interviews for companion positions may be extreme. The ante is upped for candidates who’ve finished graduate programs and may be anticipated to work more intently with clients. Associate candidates should put in several hours of exercise interviews and be prepared for all kinds of questions. For those who’ve already long passed through the interview method as an analyst, the interview might not be as intimidating (otherwise, get equipped!).


Interviews may also contain numerous rounds, culminating in a “first-rate Saturday” round. The top applicants meet with all of the bankers in the company for every other round of interviews and socializing – giving the firm a possibility of peering which applicants are the first-rate cultural in shape.

As with most interviews, applicants ought to be organized to impress the firm with their mind and competencies, however greater importantly, they need to show that they may be likable individual to work well with the company’s employees. It is time for candidates who receive offers to get equipped for lifestyles as a funding banking associate.


The Corporate Finance Quarterback

There’s an excellent motive why friends earn wholesome profits and a large bonus every 12 months. In brief, they may be the quarterbacks of the corporate finance office. They may additionally have analysts to whom they can assign initiatives. However, they have to juggle a couple of tasks from a couple of bankers with complex schedules. Managing the analysts isn’t any easy assignment either, as every one of them is pushed to the max with their task workloads.

Like analysts, friends may begin their day at 8 am and now not finish it until 1 or 2 am – and on occasion may not cross home at all. They come in on the weekend to live on top of initiatives and ensure that files and displays are completed with enough time for thorough modifying. Associates usually put in as many times as analysts – frequently 80 to one hundred hours every week at New York firms or 60 to 80 hours at firms off Wall Street.

The Deal Cycle

Associates play a key operational function inside the deal cycle of the corporate finance department. In the deal cycle, investment bankers – the vice presidents and handling directors – will either method or be approached via companies with thoughts for capacity transactions. These offers may also encompass IPOs, observe-on offerings, non-public placements, mergers, and acquisitions.

Bankers will install an assembly with the business enterprise known as a pitch, wherein they pitch the company’s offerings to the employer and present their evaluation of the feasibility of the capacity transaction.

At the pitch, the bankers will present the potential patron with a pitch e-book – typically a hard-copy PowerPoint presentation that describes the bank’s credentials in conjunction with an in-depth analysis of the marketplace in which the enterprise operates and often a valuation of the enterprise itself.

If the company is impressed with the firm and interested in pursuing a deal, it’ll engage the company to execute it. Depending on the form of transaction and the market conditions, these transactions can take anywhere from some months to a few years to complete. At any point in time, bankers may be operating on several pitches and offer all at once.

What do Associates Do?

Analysts tend to work at the front end of the deal cycle, working on pitch books for the bankers. Associates additionally work on the front quit of the deal cycle, overseeing and modifying the work of analysts inside the education of pitchbooks.

But friends also assist in the execution of offers – preparing sales files for diverse transactions, editing prospectuses, and even discussing due diligence substances with capability purchasers in M & M&A and different transactions. As pals advantage the honor of senior bankers, they may get to accompany the senior bankers on pitches and end up extra concerned in enterprise improvement.

A first-12 months companion may additionally, first of all, perform many of the equal analyses as analysts – comps, DCFs, LBO, and many others. – however, associates sooner or later transition to more senior stage paintings. Rather than cranking through the template financial models that analysts paintings with, some may additionally redesign those fashions or build fashions, especially for specific offers.

Much of the legwork that friends perform involves spreading client financials to percentage with capacity traders or drafting non-public statistics memoranda for M&A transactions or non-public placements. Because of the character of this work, buddies regularly work closely with clients, speaking with CEOs, CFOs, and different individuals of the control group to bring together relevant information for income documents.

Associates quickly learn how to allure clients while at the equal time leaning on them to offer timely, particular information for income documents. Corporate finance transactions can be extremely demanding on clients (and friends), and associates have to navigate tough conditions wherein clients have become fatigued and emotional utilizing the deal technique.

The Perks of Being an Associate

Despite all of the stress and lengthy hours, there are some payoffs for buddies who stick around. Depending on the firm, starting salaries for friends can range from $100k to $150k, but whilst you upload in bonuses that are frequently north of 50%, overall reimbursement can range from $150k to $250k.

Many companies have a policy that once personnel needs to stay at paintings past 7 pm, they get their dinner paid for. Like analysts, friends live beyond 7 pm almost each night time, so unfastened dinners can speedily add as much as a variety of money.

Other perks regularly consist of compensation for cellular smartphones or blackberry payments, unfastened cab rides for overdue domestic journeys and the occasional possibility of having fun with other bankers at a lavish remaining dinner.

Career Progression

If an associate chooses to go away the investment banking international, their experience can often be leveraged to move into positions that would normally require extra experience. Investment banking is fantastically rigorous paintings with pals wracking up double the hours of the common employee and appearing their work at an intensity degree. This is a number of the highest inside the enterprise world. It is no surprise that they have a clean time excelling in other careers.

For associates who hang around, or 3 years of enjoy normally results in promoting a vice president position. Hours for vice presidents may be a chunk decrease. However, the tour is a good bit more.

A high-acting vice-chairperson could make the leap senior up or cope with the director after several years. Although the hours and seniority of these positions can be slightly greater attractive than a companion position (senior bankers can nevertheless be discovered at the office on many weekends) also, they undergo an awful lot of extra obligation for bringing in new commercial enterprise.

Like any career, every person considering an accomplice function at an investment financial institution should appear past simply pay and prestige and consider whether or not or now not they’ll enjoy the work. Some of the most precious advantages investment banking has to provide are the outstanding studies of running with corporations for the duration of pivotal times – and the man or woman that the one’s stories build.

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