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Evolution of CNC technology

Of late, there has been a lot of fuss about CNC technology- and for apparent reasons. CNC technology allows you to design the most creative yet unique creations in no time. It’s also a dream come true for many manufacturers. For example, Inventables has since come up with different CNC machines to help you make the most out of your ideas. There are also many other CNC machines available in the market, and all can accomplish varied tasks.


What is CNC machining all about?

CNC machining is a process that uses pre-programmed computer software that controls the movement and operation of factory machines. It’s useful in various manufacturing processes and tasks such as drilling, milling, and turning. It’s a modern invention that saves a lot of time thanks to its accuracy and efficiency. CNC machining requires little or no human interventions and has since helped many manufacturing companies lower their labor costs. CNC machining offers a variety of capabilities and operations, and the processes include stages such as;

  • Designing the CAD model
  • Converting CAD files to a CNC program
  • Preparing the CNC machine
  • Accomplishing the machining operation

What are the common types of CNC machines?

There are different types of CNC machines. All fall under two categories; general machining technologies and novel machining technology. Conventional technologies include drills, lathes, and milling devices. On the other hand, novel technologies use specialized methods to cut materials. The machines are, for example, electrical machining, plasma cutting machines, and water jet cutting tools.

How has CNC technology advanced over the years?

1. Newer machines& Improved features

There has been a sluggish adoption of CNC machines by most companies. However, all is changing, and manufacturing firms are now embracing the new technology. The reason? CNC machines now come with more high-level features and functionalities and are easy to use.

 2. Enhanced efficiency& Accuracy

All manufacturers want to expedite their processes to boost production. CNC machines are handy for many companies; they come with high levels of efficiency and accuracy. With the use of such devices, companies have experienced lesser cycle times and enhanced productivity. More energy-efficient machines are also coming up, and many companies have since profited from lower energy costs. What’s more? Most of the CNC machines can perform diverse tasks, making it easier to train workers on usage.

 3. Improved communication between machine& Operators

With CNC technology, other technological advances have since come up. A perfect example is software programming. Why is it critical? It allows for effective communication between machines and operators, which results in increased efficiency. New advanced machines keep coming up, and some can replace faulty parts with no need for human intervention! What’s more? Some CNC machines notify operators in case of need for new citing processes.


CNC technology is something to marvel at and comes with numerous gains. It has notably remodeled the manufacturing sector -and for the better. CNC machines are now used in a wide range of manufacturing processes and are useful in enhancing efficiency and saving time. CNC technology keeps on advancing, and we expect to reap more benefits in the future.

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