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Casement Window Benefits to Your Home

Casement windows are the best fit for areas which are very windy or places which are closer to the sea, and experiences windy weather throughout the year. Casement windows are those type of windows, which are mounted on hinges, and when an internal crank is rotated, the window opens or closes. Obviously since, it is mounted on hinges, some people dislike it and essentially casement windows are not the right choice for them, while for others, Casement Windows are the best fit. In fact, in UK, the most common form of windows today is Casement Windows. In this article, we will discuss about why should you install casement windows.

Variety of Design Features

Casement Windows comes in a lot of variety designs and styles, and you can also customize this type of windows. Casement windows are generally made out of PVC or aluminum. Some of the most common varieties in design that are available to you are, pushout, flat top and French. There are several other multiple grill configurations that you can also use. Moreover, if you wish to bring in some traditional flavor to your window, you must go for astragal bars.

Highly Energy Efficient

Casement windows are highly energy efficient, and they are even made by standard procedures set by WER or the Windows Energy Rating. An effective windows sash against the main frame of the window, and hence, it prevents entry and leakage of air to enhance the efficiency of your house.

Easy Handling

Casement Windows often and generally uses Single Latches, which makes opening and closing the windows a cakewalk for its users. Unlike other window options, Casement Windows are the easiest to operate. In modern days, there are automatic openers as well, which makes it even easier to handle the opening and the closing of the windows.


Casement Windows generally open outwards, and hence, there is nothing which is stopping from the outside to flood in to the room, hence, giving enough ventilation. Casement Windows unlike other type of windows completely opens from top to bottom, and hence there is not struggle in getting the desired cool wind blowing in from outside.


Made According to Measurement

The Casement Windows can be made by manufactured according to the customer needs and orientation. So, every home can essentially install casement windows. The size and shape specifications can be given to the manufacturer, which the manufacturer by using modern techniques such as profile bending and extrusion technique can incorporate the casement window in to any home.


Casements windows are also pretty secured, because they cannot be opened from outside by any means. Unlike, double hung windows, casement windows have got no bend along the outside, and hence, cannot be opened from inside. Also, at certain times the windows are internally glazed, and helps keep potential intruders out.

Low Maintenance

No matter what material you have used for your casement windows, PVC or Aluminum, your Casement Window is highly durable and has a very low maintenance cost. If they ever become dusty or dirty, just a simple wipe down with a wet cloth, will do the cleaning. Never would it require high maintenance cost. Also, on an average, your casement windows can last for 25-30 years, giving you a lot more than what you have invested.

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